Logan Paul Denies $3.5 Million Pokemon Card Scam Was Faked

Logan Paul says that his recent $3.5 million Pokemon card purchase–which turned out to be a bunch of G.I. Joe cards–wasn't faked. He actually spent that much on a case of what he thought were first-edition Pokemon cards, only to find out that the seller had actually stuffed that case full of (nearly) worthless G.I. Joe cards.

The purchase was made back in December for the ludicrous sum of $3.5 million. That's likely more than what the contents of the first-edition case would sell for, but Logan is a well-known Pokemon lover with several first-edition Charizards to his name. The case arrived in January, and of course the YouTuber recorded the grand unboxing and his utter disappointment.

As it turns out, the cards were fake, and Paul was later accused by fans of staging the whole thing. In Paul's most recent Impaulsive podcast, he responded to criticism that the whole scandal was performed for views.

"I see comments. They think I was acting. They think it's fake. But it's not. It's not fake at all," Paul said. "Being in that room that night was incredibly sad. The energy and the tragic feeling in the room was so palpable."

Paul revealed that the seller was a good friend of his and was only reselling the "Pokemon" case from someone else. That friend was generous enough to refund Paul his $3.5 million, but that still means there's someone else out there selling fraudulent cases of Pokemon cards. And that someone could soon face legal action.

"Three and a half million dollars on f**king G.I. Joe. I cannot believe it. It was a sad day. That was a very sad day. You can't just scam someone out of millions of dollars like that without legal consequences."

Paul added that there could be a group of scammers out there that are only now being revealed thanks to the high-profile YouTuber's unboxing. He even suggested a documentary about the whole thing as he helps his friend track the scammers down.

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