Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed In Rigens Village

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  • Mokoko Seed One – Employment Agency
  • Mokoko Seed Two – The Town Square
  • Mokoko Seed Three – Bell Tower Plaza
  • Mokoko Seeds Four And Five – Hillside Graveyard
  • Mokoko Seeds Six And Seven – Dusk Alley

There are many wonderful and beautiful settings in Lost Ark. But if you're looking to set up home, its unlikely Rigens Village would be near the top of the list. Despite being what counts as the capital of Shushire in game terms, it is very light on home comforts – but there are a few Mokoko Seeds to be had.

This is a mob-free zone, so you can walk around and search in safety. There are seven seeds dotted about, all of which are simple to find and none of which need you to duck into secret doors or play pieces of sheet music. But if you can’t spot any of them, read on to glean all of their exact locations.

Mokoko Seed One – Employment Agency

When you arrive at the Rigens Village Triport, head a few steps south before leaving the square west down some wooden steps. At the bottom, follow the wooden-planked floor as it turns north and up to the Employment Agency.

Keep following the main path as it turns south and down a few more steps. At the bottom you’ll see a barn to your right. Your first Mokoko Seed is outside the barn in the snow.

Mokoko Seed Two – The Town Square

Head back to the Rigens Village Triport, and you’ll find a fountain in the square there, just to your southeast. Your next Mokoko Seed is next to the fountain on the ground, on its southwest side.

Mokoko Seed Three – Bell Tower Plaza

Leave the village square by the north exit just to the right of Storage Keeper Gordi. As the path opens up a little, stick to the left and go down the wooden steps northwest into Bell Tower Plaza. Go past Rapport NPC Daybreaker Javern to his left and go directly east to the corner. You’ll see a barrel and some rope at the foot of a frozen tree – along with a Mokoko Seed tucked against the railings.

Mokoko Seeds Four And Five – Hillside Graveyard

Leave Bell Tower Plaza and turn left, heading northeast away from the village. At the T-junction you come to, turn left and head north up into the Hillside Graveyard. Go to the very end of the path at its north-most tip to find two Mokoko Seeds hidden in the trees, to the left and past a torch glowing orange from a tree.

Mokoko Seeds Six And Seven – Dusk Alley

Go back to the T-junction and this time follow the path south into Dusk Alley. As you pass through the gate, stick to the right (east side) of the map. You’ll see two sets of wooden steps, the first flanked by two burning torches. The next Mokoko Seed is at the base of the other set of steps, on the left as you’d go up them.

From here, keep following the east-side of the clearing as it goes southwest. Go past the cages to where you’ll see several fir trees – and the final Mokoko Seed of Rigens Village sat in the snow.

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