Lost In Random: How To Help Bernie Find His Way With The Talkie Walkie

The dreamlike action-adventure fairytale of Lost In Random sees heroine Even on a mission to rescue her older sister, Odd, from the clutches of the Queen. Aided by faithful companion Dicey, you must journey from simple Onecroft to the Royal Palace in Sixtopia, either helped or hindered by fantastical creatures along the way.

On your travels, you discover that Bernard, a friend from Onecroft, has found himself wrongly trapped in Threedom. Even has a chance to use three Talkie Walkies in Fivetropolis to help Bernard get home safely, which will award you the trophy Bern, Baby, Bern.

The Bern, Baby, Bern achievement is easy to miss if you don't answer Bernard's call at the first Talkie Walkie on your left as you enter Fivetropolis!

How To Help Bernie And Earn The Bern, Baby, Bern Trophy

When you enter Fivetropolis on the way to the Gluery, you will hear Bernard calling from what looks like a two-way gramophone. Heading on over to see what your dear friend is up to on his perilous trek back to Onecroft, he will ask if he can call on your guidance over the course of his journey since you've already taken the path he is on.

It doesn't matter which responses you select at first, but after agreeing to help him you will have to give three correct responses to three questions at this first Talkie Walkie:

QuestionAnswers (correct in bold)
1Right, to the sunshine

Left, to the growling

2Forward, to the clanking

Right, to the eerie silence

3Sabotage the robots, kid

Better leave them alone, kid

Bernie, do whatever feels right for you

If you mess up, he will follow a piece of string back to his starting point and you will have a chance to try again.

In the Mystic's Quarter of Fivetropolis, veer to your right and head up some small steps as you pass Beth Lustrum. You will hear Bernie calling as you pass by, so it shouldn't be hard to find the second Talkie Walkie.

Bernard only has one consequential question for you:

"Even, what do I need to know about swashbuckling, in like ten seconds or less?""Um…fight with honour, and never be too proud to grant mercy?"

"Uhhh…don't forget the battle takes place in the mind as well?"

"Uh…do your best, and don't forget to heal when you can?"

"Bern…follow your heart. Your ADVENTURER'S heart."

Finally, the last Talkie Walkie can be found at the top of St. Alchemist's Street. Once again you will hear Bernard's clamouring, which will guide you straight to him.

This time, you can choose any response you like to each question or statement. No matter which you pick, he will thank you for your help and tell you that he is ready to fight on his own now.

After you hang up the call, your Bern, Baby, Bern trophy should be unlocked!

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