Lost Soul Aside Might Be Appearing At China’s PlayStation Press Conference 2021

The long-awaited Lost Soul Aside might be making an appearance at China’s upcoming PlayStation press conference.

According to Gematsu, Lost Soul Aside’s development team, UltiZeroGames, has been posting things on Weibo (a Chinese social media platform) that indicate the game will be making an appearance at this year’s Chinese PlayStation press conference.

After Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai posted about the press conference from its Weibo account, UltiZeroGames reposted the announcement themselves and replied to it with what looks like posters of Lost Soul Aside.

The first image posted had 2016 on the bottom of the poster, whilst the second one had 2018, so it seems as if it’s pointing out the times the game has been shown in public. 2016 was the game’s first appearance, whilst 2018 was the last time that it appeared. If it’s following this trend, it seems to be hinting that the next appearance will be at the PlayStation press conference on April 29.

Lost Soul Aside has had a long and interesting development cycle. It was originally started as a solo gaming project by Yang Bing, with a trailer releasing in 2016 that went fairly viral thanks to its graphics and combat. Yang Bing was then approached by Sony to collaborate on the game, with the team UltiZeroGames being formed from that meeting. It was reported in 2016 that the game would be a time PlayStation exclusive.

Although its last proper trailer came out in 2018, UltiZeroGames hasn’t been completely silent and has offered updates on both the game and the team over the past few years, including showing off some concept art for the game.

Lost Soul Aside was originally targeting a 2018 release date, before being delayed until 2020. It’s not clear when the game is set to release now, but if it appears at the upcoming PlayStation press conference then we could find out the release date then.

If you’re worried about being able to play the game on PS5, you might be happy to hear that Sony has asked suppliers to help them increase production on PS5s in 2021.

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