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We added a new code on January 28, 2023, that coincides with the full release of the game – you can use it for cash.

Welcome to Mage Tycoon! This is a classic Roblox tycoon game, which means codes are a really helpful way to get started in the game. You'll need them for a cash injection to start building your conveyors and droppers, all producing the chosen magic-type of your choice (including Fire, Water, Earth, etc.) Once you've built up your tycoon, you can start to build up your spell collection and head out to explore the world and visit other player's tycoons.

We check for new Mage Tycoon codes regularly – new codes will be released alongside future updates, like milestones, and seasonal events, so check back soon.

Mage Tycoon Codes





1k free cash to get you started

Active (NEW CODE)

Roblox codes can only be redeemed a single time, and codes are case-sensitive. Make sure to copy the codes exactly, with matching numbers, capital letters, and punctuation.

How To Redeem Codes In Mage Tycoon

  • Once in the game, click on the two books on the left menu (shown in the image above)
  • Enter the code into the box that pops up
  • Redeem and enjoy!

You'll receive a positive notification if the code has been redeemed successfully, but if you get an "Invalid" message (or something similar), it might be because the code is expired, or the code has been entered incorrectly. Double-check that spelling.

What Are Mage Tycoon Codes?

Mage Tycoon codes are free boosts and rewards given out by the developers of the game to give players a boost with cash and coin generation. So far, new codes have been released when the dev just decide to, although as the game gets more updates and traffic we will likely see milestone codes & rewards for special events and updates.

How To Get More Codes

New codes are posted on the game's community Discord, although if you want an easy place to find all the codes, just check this page. We keep pages updated with brand-new rewards.

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