Magic: The Gathering 30th Anniversary Edition Sells Out In Minutes

Wizards of the Coast just announced that its recently launched Magic: The Gathering 30th Anniversary Edition has in fact now sold out after being on the market for only a matter of minutes, less than one full hour in total. The news about the whole affair seems to have thrown many fans of the franchise into a downward spiral of surprise, disappointment, and of course resentment.

The company turned to the social media platform Twitter to reveal the news. “The 30th Anniversary Edition sale has concluded and the product is currently unavailable for purchase,” Wizards of the Coast announced. “Thanks to everyone who joined us today!” The company went on to say that buyers should “please reach out to customer service if you believe you’re experiencing an issue with your purchase.”

The response from Wizards of the Coast brought on a backlash from fans of the franchise, numerous users on the same social media platform responding with pictures of Greed cards. “What is a sliver of one’s soul compared to unimaginable wealth,” the official description most ironically reads.

While some potential purchasers decried the excessive cost of the product, others began speculating to the effect that Wizards of the Coast actually pulled the card set from sale on account of poor performance. “Pulled it. There were no queue times,” one user replied to the announcement. “Because it’s a failed product, it didn’t sell out, they pulled it because nobody was buying it,” another continued.

This comes in the wake of news that Wizards of the Coast has been attracting the ire of many players on account of the high cost of its newly released MTG 30th Anniversary Edition. The company launched an MTG 30th Anniversary Countdown Kit earlier this month, something which resulted in a substantial amount of scalping, much to the anger and dismay of many potential purchasers. “Welp, the MTG Secret Lair site has frozen multiple times, told me it couldn't ship to my country, told me my user information is invalid, and dropped my order,” Brian Kibler for example fumed on Twitter. “So, that's cool.”

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