Magic: The Gathering Art Book Spoils Dominaria United Months Before Launch

An Amazon listing for Magic: The Gathering The Visual Guide, a book that's not set to launch until December, has revealed massive spoilers for an expansion that releases in September. Character deaths, reveals, and story elements have been leaked due to the listing's preview pages, more than a month before fans were meant to be told about them.

The story that's leaked through the Visual Guide was originally set to be with us in September, with the release of Dominaria United. Planned to kickstart a huge story arc, fans have now been made aware of major details in the expansion. Anyone hoping to avoid spoilers should stay well away from the Visual Guide's Amazon preview, and should be cautious on social media until September 9.

13 images are included in Amazon's preview of the artbook, with the spoilers included in clearly legible text. The pages are still up at the time of writing, and it's not known if Wizards of the Coast has any plans to take them down. In any case, the spoilers are already in circulation, so beware if you want to go into Dominaria United's story fresh

(Warning, spoilers below)

For those of you who don't care about spoilers, however, here are the biggest reveals we got from the preview. First of all, Jaya Ballard is being killed off, and Ajani Goldmane is becoming a Phyrexian. On top of this, The Raven Man will be revealed to be the Planeswalker Lim Dul, and New Phyrexia will invade Dominaria. So yeah, a whole lot is going down with the expansion.

Magic: The Gathering The Visual Guide can be pre-ordered now, and won't launch until December of this year.

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