Maglam Lord: How To Romance Each Character

If the popularity of the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series has proven one thing, it's that RPG fans greatly enjoy getting to know extensive casts of characters in as many ways as possible. And while the cast of Maglam Lord is comparably slim, it melds dating sim mechanics with traditional Japanse role-playing game combat just as admirably.

In Maglam Lord, players take on the role of Killizzark, the Demon Lord of Chaos. Their powers have diminished substantially during an era of forced slumber preceding the events of the game, but the writing leans into the whole "new year, new you" trope deliciously. As Killizzark desperately attempts to regain their strength, they're simultaneously plunged into the frightening world of love.

Most of the game's dating sim stuff is technically skippable, but there are tangible reasons to check it out. Our guide will show you how to make the most of this heartfelt mechanic and what you've got to do to win the hearts of each of Killizzark's eccentric band of close companions.

The Romance Interests

First, let's get to know the lucky bachelors and bachelorettes whose affections can be earned and returned. Each character is given a brief description here; consider these traits when making conversation choices throughout the game.

CharacterKey Traits
CharmeKind, generous, thoughtful. Overly protective of her brother, Darius.
DariusBrave, capable, loves to cook and clean. Too defensive and often abrasive.
JuletteBubbly, outgoing, used to be an idol. Can be overbearing at times.
M.O.A.V.Caring, courteous, curious. But also, a deadly robot-like weapon capable of destroying the world.
St. AckaloPopular, magical, and enigmatic. Perhaps too enigmatic.
Overseer MamieIndustrious, hard-working, and driven. Not exactly bursting with romantic enthusiasm.

Unlocking Dates and Flirting 101

You'll bump into the Love Guru barely half an hour into Maglam Lord. He'll give you the lowdown on why love is so important, but the Demon Lord isn't exactly receptive to his advances at the time. It isn't until Chapter 3 that the system opens up, allowing players to build toward dates. Still, you can plan accordingly by selecting appropriate dialogue options beforehand. Mind you, these won't actually affect anything just yet, but there are warmup moments that will showcase different characters' dispositions.

In a darkly comedic twist, the purpose of all this from a narrative perspective is to breed with someone so that Killizzark and their prospective partner are no longer on the endangered species list. This isn't especially relevant to the guide, but it's a frightening enough fact to include, nevertheless.

From here on out, little avatars of Killizzark's companions with hearts above their heads will appear in the bottom-right corner of various dialogue options. This, as you might suspect, indicates that selecting that option will provide a boost toward the companion's appreciation, gradually opening up date opportunities at the Dating Dojo.

Once enough hearts have been accrued, the Love Guru will let you know on your next visit to the Dating Dojo. Your first date with a character will be more fully fleshed-out than subsequent ones, but every date can contribute to their affection rating.

Raising Affection Levels

Dialogue choices are the foremost method for getting a character to "like-like" Maglam Lord's protagonist but don't discount the value of these extra boosts. Depending on how far into the game your romantic pursuit begins, they can make or break your chances.

PartnershipUsing the prospective romantic interest in battles.Minimal per fight, but it can add up quickly while doing sidequests, so never discount it.
FoodstuffsFeed characters their preferred foods while exploring with them as your wielder.Moderate improvement normally, but a strong one when feeding the character their favorite foods from the Taxation Shop.
RepeatsGo on multiple dates with the same character.There is a minimal jump each time, but be warned that you'll need to make more decisions during these subsequent encounters.

The Benefits of Love

The romantic in us would say the best reason to chase a relationship in Maglam Lord is for the sheer experience of it. The dialogue is often quite funny, and it incentivizes replays as well. The whole baby-making thing is, mercifully, not a part of the main story.

There are, of course, other reasons to take to give love a chance. For one thing, your paramour's stats are increased during battle. That along is quite darling of them, but they'll also show up on rare occasions to help with crafting, which can result in powerful arms and armor.

Lastly, your boy toy or girl twirl will be happier in battles. Their post-fight expressions and enthusiastic responses will be instantly noticeable. It doesn't affect the gameplay — not truly — but who doesn't want to hear a robot butler shout out in bliss after pummeling monsters into oblivion?

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