Mario Golf: Super Rush Website — Where To Find All Five Secret Holes

To promote the forthcoming release of Mario Golf: Super Rush, Nintendo has unveiled a new way to get active on the game’s official website. All you need to do is find and sink a golf ball into five varied holes across the assorted web pages, which will grant you a total of 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points for use on various Nintendo rewards.

While the newest Mario Golf: Super Rush trailer adds a whole new spin to the game in the form of various characters and the introduction of a new mode called Bullet Golf, both of which are enough to excite the masses, a quick round of mini-golf across the website is a bit of levity only Nintendo can provide to its fullest potential. They are rather easy to spot, but to make things easier for avid Mario Golf fans, we have listed below each of the five exact hiding spots of the secret golf holes.

Where To Find All Five Secret Holes

Before you start itching for those five hole-in-ones, you’ll want to ensure you are signed in to your Nintendo Account, so as to acquire those precious Platinum Points upon completion. The golf holes look identical to the one pictured above and can be found in these five locations scattered across the Mario Golf: Super Rush website:

  • Characters and courses: The first of the bunch can be found tucked next to the words “Colorful courses” at the top of the page.
  • Characters and courses: The second is closer to the bottom of the same page, directly under the “Wildweather Woods” static image.
  • How to play: The third hole is underneath the Battle Golf section, to the left and below an animated video showcasing Yoshi playing the new game mode.
  • How to play: On the same page as hole #3, the fourth is located above the animated video of Daisy demonstrating the Dash and Special Dash mechanics under “Get a move on!”
  • Pre-order today: The fifth and final secret hole can be nabbed below the main cast of Mario Golf: Super Rush, to the very left of the words “Only on the Nintendo Switch system.”

If you aren’t sure if you have received the 100 Platinum Points or not, you can head on over to the Points History page in My Nintendo, which will also explain where best you can use them. Just note that Platinum Points only stick around for six months after you have earned them, so don’t forget to use them all up before they’re gone.

These points also differ from Gold Points, which are acquired and used in the Nintendo eShop on games and DLC purchases. For instance, Mario Golf: Super Rush preorders can net you a total of 300 Gold Points, and given the vast array of characters, new game modes, and forthcoming free updates coming to the game, why not sink that birdie early?

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