Mario Kart Tour Update Brings Back An N64 Classic Track With Royal Raceway

It’s June, and that means wedding season has come to Mario Kart Tour. With the new tour comes the return of an old N64 classic track, Royal Raceway. For the first time in the mobile version of Mario Kart, avid racers can now duke it out in a blast from the past.

Also per usual, new characters are up for grabs in the shop sporting their wedding best. In fact, some of these designs seem to have come straight out of Super Mario: Odyssey. If racers really want to go all out they can also pick up the new Grand Bandwagon kart. The Wedding Tour will be available to race through over the next two weeks and is available now.

While Nintendo seems to keep updating the mobile version of Mario Kart with new content, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe just recently saw its first update in two years. Longtime fans of the popular racing franchise are eager for new content in the Switch version – or a new Mario Kart game altogether. With E3 on the horizon and Nintendo slated to have its showcase on June 15, could a new game be on the way?

When Mario Kart Tour first debuted fans loved it, and it’s no doubt been successful for Nintendo financially. With so much attention to detail on the mobile front, perhaps more content should be given to console versions as well.

The same can be said with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which gets more updates than Mario Kart 8, but not as many as its mobile counterpart – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. That title gets constant updates, events, and items while the smash hit has only seen a few big updates since launch.

Hopefully, Nintendo delivers some exciting Mario news at E3 this year. It sounds like some big game announces are planned, but we won’t know specifics until Nintendo takes the stage. Until then, you can bide time with the fancy new Mario Kart Tour update.

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