Mario Kart Tour’s Ice Tour Starts Today

The second tour of 2020 for Mario Kart Tour players will be the Ice Tour and starts later today. Here’s everything we know about the tour so far.

The first Mario Kart Tour tour of 2020, the New Year Tour, is coming to a close. At the time of typing this, players only have a few more hours to grind as much as possible to unlock the characters, karts, and gliders exclusive to the tour before they disappear for a while. That includes all of the characters from previous tours which have had an increased chance of firing out of the pipe.

Next on the calendar for Mario Kart Tour is the Ice Tour. It’s still cold outside, for most of us, but the holidays are well and truly behind us. With no holidays to celebrate, it seems as if Nintendo is going to double down and remind us of how cold it is instead. At least we don’t have to leave the house to play Tour.

In terms of exact times, the New Year Tour will come to an end at 9:59 pm PT on January 14, 2020. As 9:59 pm becomes 10:00 pm PT, the New Year Tour will turn into the Ice Tour. A new start, as is always the case with every passing fortnight for Mario Kart Tour.

As for what players can expect from the Ice Tour, Nintendo has been keeping its cards close to its chest, as per usual. A few days ago, it tweeted silhouettes of the two spotlight characters who will be introduced on this tour. Players have had their say as to who they think the pair is. The silhouette on the left appears to be Peach wearing a black coat, and the one on the left is almost definitely Mario in his penguin suit.

Should those predictions turn out to be true, chances are a fair few players will be less than pleased. On a number of occasions, Nintendo has been adding reskinned characters of racers already in the game rather than brand new characters. In Nintendo’s defense, it only has a limited roster to choose from and is probably saving certain characters for future tours. Players just have to be patient.

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