Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope: Best Skill Builds For All Heroes

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In Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope, you'll meet many a family face from across the Super Mario Bros franchise as you traverse the galaxy in search of Sparks. You'll have to defeat Darkmess Tentacles in an effort to reach Cursa's Stronghold and get rid of her for good.

As you battle foes in turn-based combat sequences, you'll level up your Heroes and earn Skill Prisms that can be invested in each skill tree to enhance their abilities. Let's take a look at each Hero and which skills you should focus on picking up first.

All Heroes And Their Suggested Spark Companion

There are nine Heroes in the game currently, with each offering a specific battle advantage and unique weapon. You'll start off with six at first, and will run into Edge, Bowser, and Rabbid Rosalina as the story unfolds.

Every character is unique in their patterns and strengths on the battlefield, so let's go over each one.

HeroAbilities And WeaponBattle StrengthsSuggested Spark
Mario (All-Rounder)Dualslingers

Hero Sight

Can hit two targets per turn or one twice as hard, and has great revenge damage opportunities.Starburst
Peach (Protector)Boom-Brella

Team Barrier

A pocket shotgun attack that deals a hefty blow from up close while protecting those around her.Glitter
Luigi (Sneak Attacker)Sharpshooter

Steely Stare

An excellent ranged attacker who can attack enemies from across the map; a vital part of every team.Reflector
Rabbid Mario (Brawler)The Dukes

Counter Blow

Deals tanky amounts of damage but needs something to balance his strong offence skills.Regenesis
Rabbid Peach (Combat Healer)Triple Troll


Great for hitting enemies behind walls and healing your squad when their HP gets low.Pulser
Rabbid Luigi (Pest)Discruptor


Great for clearing enemies standing in a group, as his Discruptor can bounce off up to three foes.Screech
Edge (Blade Master)Flying Blade


A solid ranged attacker good for dealing damage to multiple foes in a straight line.Exosphere (default)
Bowser (Overseer)Bowzooka

Rabbid Mechakoopas

An incredibly strong area-of-effect fighter who can rally troops to your aid and deal huge amounts of damage.Ethering
Rabbid Rosalina (Demotivator)Kaboomer


Lazy yet able to demolish walls to hit her target and stun enemies into idleness.Vampdash

Best Skills For Each Hero

As you level up your Heroes through battle victories by completing main and side quests, you'll collect Skill Prisms.

These purple tokens act as a points system, and can be invested in each Hero's character skills trees. Access this screen from the Heroes menu when you hit the Y button on your Switch controller. There are four trees available at the start of your journey, and the fifth will get unlocked further down the line as you explore the story.

Remember that you can refund prisms and purchase other skills if you find that your current build isn't working for you! There is no cap on how many times you can do this.

HeroSuggested Skills
Mario (All-Rounder)Critical Hit Chance

Heal Sponge

Additional Hero Sight Charge

Peach (Protector)Team Barrier Discharge

Wider Shot

Barrier Jump Assist

Luigi (Sneak Attacker)Ghost Bullet

Critical Hit Damage

Steely Stare Damage

Rabbid Mario (Brawler)Pay Back

Punch Frenzy

Area Dash

Rabbid Peach (Combat Healer)Life Trade

Healing Jump

Final Hit

Rabbid Luigi (Pest)Vulnerable

Discruptor Ricochet Distance

Movement Range

Edge (Blade Master)Dash Increases Movement

Blade Halo Increase

Chain Boost

Bowser (Overseer)Demolisher

Rabbid Mechakoopas Number

Damage Dropoff

Rabbid Rosalina (Demotivator)Ennui Dash

Wake Up Slap

Heat Up

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