Marvel Realm Of Champions Pre-Registration Now Open

After a brief regional beta, Marvel Realm of Champions has opened pre-registration worldwide. The game is a 3v3 MOBA and follows in the footsteps of Marvel Contest of Champions.

Kabam, developer of the previous title, is once again at the helm, hoping to bring a bit more Marvel action to your mobile device. Despite opening for pre-registration, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the upcoming title. A brief gameplay trailer was shown off a while back, giving us a sneak peek at customization options and a few seconds of the 3v3 combat in action.

If you pre-register for the game you’ll get Iron Legionnaire and Hulk equipment as well as 100 Units and 300 Gold. Considering all you have to do to get the free gear is click a button, you might as well take advantage of the offer.

Marvel Contest of Champions takes place on a new planet called Battleworld. Apparently, an evil version of the Hulk – known as Maestro – cobbled together the remains of shattered realities to create this planet. In the process, alternate timelines were combined into one reality and Maestro eventually lost control of his creation. Now, a Secret War is raging and its up to you and your team to take control of the realm and rid it of the evil forces at play. It sounds a bit convoluted, but it should serve as a decent background to the action.

Each character appears to have their own role in combat, with characters such as Hulk fitting into the roll of a tank, while others such as Black Panther are best for dishing out damage at close range. Kabam said this is “the only Marvel game where you can become your favorite Champion and customize them to reflect both your personality and battle style.”

The maps you fight on are all inspired by Marvel comics and films, including cities composed of Stark technology, Asgardian arenas, and much more that’s yet to be announced.

Marvel Realm of Champions is yet to get a release date, but it’s launching into a competitive marketplace. VainGlory remains one of the most popular mobile MOBAs around, and League of Legends: Wild Rift has been slowing expanding its closed beta as it gears up for a full release. There’s no doubt having Marvel in the title will be a boon for Realm of Champions, and we’re curious to see how it fairs when it eventually launches on iOS and Android.

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