Marvel Snap’s Battle Mode Currently Slated To Launch On January 31

Marvel Snap hasn't been around for long, only launching in October of last year. Developer Second Dinner has already made quite a few changes to the game, and an anticipated one announced last year is on the horizon. If all goes to plan, Snap's Battle Mode will launch via an update currently scheduled to roll out on January 31, 2023.

Detailed in a blog post on the Marvel Snap website this week, Second Dinner quietly confirmed that if all goes to plan, Battle Mode will be playable from the last day of this month. Battle Mode is the mobile game's PvP mode, allowing people to play against their friends. Snap's creators do mention in the same breath that there's every chance Battle Mode doesn't arrive on time.

The post points to “last minute issues” potentially resulting in Battle Mode's arrival needing to be pushed back. How exactly the new mode will work has already been outlined. Each player will have ten health, and the cosmic cubes on the line will determine how much health you lose in a match should you suffer defeat. You will also have to stick with the same deck throughout an entire match until one player's health has been depleted and a winner is declared.

Also revealed in Marvel Snap's latest post, and arriving on January 31 if all goes to plan, were series drops. A new feature that will make rarer cards easier to obtain, usually after they have been around for a long time. Selected series five cards will be moved down to series four when the update hits, and some series four cards will be moved down a tier to series three.

Most cards will eventually be moved down to a lower series so they're easier to get, but players who do manage to get them while in their original tier will receive a first-edition badge, an additional feature coming at a later date. There are some cards that will likely never be part of a series drop. Already in that group are Thanos and Galactus which Second Dinner has confirmed are too good to be subjected to series drops.

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