Marvel’s Avengers Beta Was The Most Downloaded In PlayStation History

Two days before its official release, Square Enix has revealed Marvel’s Avengers beta was the most downloaded in PlayStation history.

The month of August has been all about two games, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and Marvel’s Avengers. The former was released on PS4 and Steam at the start of the month and has managed to break all sorts of records since then. Perhaps the most impressive of those broken records was Fall Guys becoming the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time.

The amount of time gamers have spent discussing Marvel’s Avengers is also very impressive. Not only because its release date hasn’t even arrived yet either. Even though the superhero game won’t be officially released until September 4, 2020, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics ran a handful of beta weekends throughout August. A way to hash out any bugs before release day and to find out what people love and what they hate about the game.

PS4 players were given the most time to play the Marvel’s Avengers beta as those who preordered the game on the platform have had access to it since August 7, 2020. That has resulted in the game breaking a PlayStation record of its very own. Square Enix revealed on Twitter that its game has become the most downloaded beta in PlayStation history. No word yet on how it performed on Xbox One and PC.

“The Marvel’s Avengers Beta was globally the most-downloaded beta in PlayStation history,” Square Enix revealed on Twitter. It also tagged and offered up congratulations to its partner in fighting virtual crime, Crystal Dynamics. A lot has been said about the game during its beta, most of it positive. Unexpected considering the initial reaction to the game’s official reveal all the way back at E3 2019.

It has been far from plain sailing for Marvel’s Avengers. The aforementioned rocky start, its four-month delay, and the controversy surrounding the console-exclusive addition of Spider-Man to the game’s ranks. It seems to have curried favor just at the right time though, and if the success of its beta is anything to go by, the gaming world could be about to experience something special that lasts the test of time. Perhaps even the beginning of the video game world’s MCU.

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