Marvel’s Avengers Will Permanently Allow Players To Use The Same Heroes

Following positive reception from the Tachyon Anomaly, Marvel’s Avengers will be permanently letting players play as the same heroes.

The Tachyon Anomaly was a limited-time event back in April that allowed players to use the same characters on the same team. Previously only one player could use a character at a time, which proved to be a problem as some players would be locked out of using their favourite character. Now that’s looking to change, with the effects of the Tachyon Anamoly becoming permanent in July.

The change was announced as part of an update to the roadmap. The blog post associated with the new roadmap says this about the change, “Finally, due to your feedback, we’re permanently turning on the ability to play multiple of the same Hero during matchmaking and when forming Strike Teams. Tachyon energy in the world has reached a level where Hero selection is always similar to the Tachyon Anomaly Event. We’ll have more information about these features later in July”.

Only allowing one player per character means that if someone else is focusing on upgrading the same hero as you, there’s a good chance you won’t get to play them. This would be an even bigger issue when popular characters like Black Panther and Spiderman get added to the game later in the year.


Although the permanent inclusion of the effects of the Tachyon Anamoly is arguably the biggest announcement from the roadmap update, there were a few other things that were changed. The Patrol mode has now been delayed until the War for Wakanda update releases, with that piece of content being replaced by Mega Hives and a new Omega-Level Threat mission, Family Reunion.

No date for War for Wakanda was given during this update, so it’ll likely come at the start of August, its release month. Although the Tachyon Anamoly update is sure to be appreciated by the game’s community, it might not make up for the recent update that accidentally displayed user’s IP addresses.

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