Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Wolverine Challenge Mission Guide

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In Marvel's Midnight Suns, you'll get a chance to fight alongside plenty of super-powered beings like Captain Marvel and Ghost Rider. When you're not beating up Hydra agents or vanquishing demons, you get to spend time with your superhero pals and develop your friendship with them through activities like playing cards or exploring the Abbey grounds. Engaging in such activities will raise your Friendship Level with the hero you choose to spend time with.

One member of the game's diverse roster is everyone's favorite cigar-chomping mutant with claws, Wolverine. When you get to Friendship Level 5 with Wolverine, you can take on his Challenge Mission called Bone and Claw.

How To Unlock Challenge Missions

Each hero in Midnight Suns has their own Challenge Mission, but you'll need to upgrade the Forge a bit before you can give them a try. This first thing you'll need is the Forged in Hellfire research project that becomes available after taking Ghost Rider on four missions. This research project will take one day to complete and when that's done, you can access any unlocked Challenge Missions by building the Armory for 175 Credits.

Hunter's Challenge Mission will be available right away, but you can get Wolverine's after having enough bonding sessions with him. Hangouts are usually the way to go when looking to raise Friendship Levels quickly.

How To Clear Bone And Claw

The objective for this Challenge Mission is to defeat all four Whispers of Memory in one turn. While you will be given an unlimited number of Card Plays for this challenge, only a set amount of cards will be given. And just like most other Challenge Missions, Move and Redraw options will be disabled.

You'll also notice that the enemies in Bone and Claw are split into two groups of two, with each group being on opposite sides of the battlefield. To clear Wolverine's Challenge Mission, refer to the image above and follow these steps:

  1. Use both hits of Lethal Pounce on enemy A to gain the Strengthened status.
  2. Use Chain Swipes, applying two hits to enemy A and one hit to enemy B.
  3. Use Eviscerate on enemies C and D, applying two hits to each of them.
  4. Activate Stink of Fear while placing Wolverine between enemy B and the wall behind it.
  5. Use Power Slash on enemy B to knock it into enemy A.
  6. Activate Let's Do This.
  7. Depending on their positioning after using Let's Do This, use Power Slash on either enemy C or D. Just make sure that you eliminate both enemies by knocking one into the other.
  8. Use Midnight Special on the Black Crystal.

Bone And Claw Rewards

After clearing a hero's Challenge Mission, you'll obtain a legendary skin and ability for them. For Wolverine, you get his Midnight Suns skin and the Midnight Special card.

Midnight Special is a powerful offensive ability that can easily clear a group of enemies or burst down a boss. Wolverine will consume all of your Heroism to launch a flurry of attacks that will target random enemies. Every point of Heroism consumed will add one hit to the attack, with each swipe being more powerful than the last.

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