Marvin The Martian Is Bottom-Tier For MultiVersus Wins In Both Teams And Singles

Despite only having been added to the game on Monday, MultiVersus players are already saying that Marvin the Martian is one of the weaker characters on the roster.

MultiVersus has just started its second season and introducing the whole thing is a new fighter – Marvin the Martian. Marvin is the second rep from Looney Tunes in the game so far (although unlikely to be the last) and mainly focuses on fighting with a range of different projectiles, which has led to some confusion over why he's an Assassin and not a Mage.

That discrepancy doesn't seem to matter much now as it looks like Marvin the Martian has bigger problems on his hands. As shared by Redditor chewgum16, Marvin the Martian's win rates have him ranked as a bottom-tier character on Tracker Network, in both Team matches and 1v1s.

As of the time of writing, Marvin the Martian is at the top of the bottom tier (Rank D) with a 44.5 percent win rate in teams and a 37.9 percent win rate when playing 1v1. That's with 44,646 uses in teams and 21,689 uses in 1v1s, which is much higher than some of the other characters in the bottom tier like Gizmo, who has 6,107 uses in teams and 8,098 in 1v1 respectively.

The numbers suggest that quite a lot of players are using Marvin the Martian, but that not many are winning with him. That being said, Marvin is close to breaking into Rank C on the Team rankings to join the likes of Batman and Stripe, but he's not quite there yet. Although this may seem like bad news for Marvin players, this isn't too surprising when you consider that Marvin was only added to the game on Monday and likely hasn't had his full tool kit worked out yet.

Strangely, the results also show that Marvin has apparently been played more in Teams than even Batman, despite not having had a turn in the free rotation yet. In fact, Marvin ranks as one of the most used characters in the game right now across all modes, which is surprising considering how massive some of the other fighters on the roster are.

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