Mass Effect 2: How To Save The Normandy Crew In The Suicide Mission

At the end of Mass Effect 2, you face potentially losing all your squadmates, the Normandy Crew, and even Commander Shepard. You can ensure that you and your squadmates survive by completing all loyalty missions and choosing the right people for the job when it comes to the Suicide Mission specifics.

However, ensuring that the Normandy crew also survives the Suicide Mission is another task entirely. We’ve got a complete guide here on how to make sure that Kelly and your other favorite Normandy staff all make it out in one piece. While their survival is not key to the No One Left Behind achievement/trophy, ensuring they live means that many of them will reappear in Mass Effect 3.

The Point of No Return — Reaper IFF

Once you complete the mission Reaper IFF, the next time you access the Galaxy Map from the Normandy will trigger a Collector attack on the Normandy where the crew is abducted.

After this point, you are essentially on a mission countdown and any further missions or assignments that you do will jeopardize the survival of the Normandy crew.

To avoid any of the Normandy crew dying, it is recommended that you complete all required missions and loyalty missions prior to starting Reaper IFF. 

However, if you re-activate and speak to Legion to begin its loyalty mission prior to accessing the Galaxy Map and triggering the attack, you are able to complete Legion’s loyalty mission first and delay the attack.

Ensure you speak to Legion before accessing the Galaxy Map or you will be unable to earn his loyalty and save all of the Normandy crew.


During the Suicide Mission (Collector Base: The Long Walk), Shepard and their team will encounter humans being kept in pods and witness one of them getting turned into goo, or as Dr. Chakwas calls it, “paste”. After this, Shepard and their squadmates rescue the remaining survivors from the pods.

The person who you see die changes depending on how many missions/assignments you did after the Reaper IFF mission. If you immediately traveled through the Omega 4 relay, you will see the Horizon colonist Lilith get liquefied. However, if you did any missions/assignments after the Collector attack, it is Kelly who you will see die.

  • 0 Missions/Assignments — If you travel through the Omega 4 relay as soon as possible, the whole of the Normandy crew will survive.
  • 1-3 Missions/Assignments — About half of the Normandy crew will die, including Kelly, Rupert, Gabby, and more.
  • 4 or more Missions/Assignments — The whole of the Normandy crew will perish apart from Dr. Chakwas.

Additionally, if you get there late and any of the crew dies, Dr. Chakwas will reprimand you.

Dr. Chakwas (and the others if they survived) will later die during the Suicide mission if you do not give them an armed escort back to the ship. The squadmate who accompanies the crew must be loyal to Shepard or they will die, though the crew will survive. We recommend using Mordin as he’s not much help elsewhere due to his poor defense.

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