Mass Effect 2: Where To Find The Krogan Sushi

Mass Effect 2 is filled to the brim with little side quests that you can bump into in your venture throughout space. There’s nothing quite like a quaint but pointless detour while the urgency of impending galactic doom weighs down on your shoulders, after all. With that in mind, let’s help some krogans get some ‘authentic’ sushi.

Find The Krogans Bickering About Fish

When you first arrive at the Citadel, you’ll have to clarify that you aren’t dead anymore. Long story short, a questionable space company resurrected you. Easy enough. Once you’re past the checkpoint and in the central hub area, this is where the hunt for that sweet krogan sushi begins. By that, we don’t mean sushi made out of the rhino-headed judoon lookalikes, mind.

Here, you’ll see two krogans bickering. Overhearing Kargesh and Rukar’s conversation of whether or not there’s any fish on the Presidium will net you the quest. Now, let’s (maybe) get some sushi for these guys.

Head To Level 28’s Dark Star Lounge

Since the center that you’re on is Level 27, you’ll want to head upstairs or take the transport terminal to get to Level 28. Here, you’ll see the Dark Star Lounge. It’s a dingy little club where you can grab a drink or talk to the regulars, but that’s not what we’re here for.

Instead, look to the right where you can find a Turian, as pictured above, clad in blue armor with orange accented lights and a pale, musky grey complexion. He’s called the Presidium Groundskeeper. Talk to him. 

Ask if there are any fish in the lakes to which he will tell you no. In fact, the lakes are reservoirs that provide water for the Presidium. Now, you have the answer in hand that the krogan wants, but the turian presents an alternative. They tell you that you can buy pet fish at the Citadel Souvenirs store.

Tip: There’s nothing else to do at the Dark Star Lounge, but you can order drink after drink until Shephard gets so drunk that they pass out and wake up in the bathroom.

Renegade Option: Trick The Krogan

You can tell the truth and be a good person, or you can trick Kargesh and Rukar for some credits (you’ll be paid anyway, but if you want Renegade points, here’s how to get them). Head back to Level 27 where you’ll find the Citadel Souvenirs. Fun fact, the music here is from Sim City 4.

  • At the terminal on the desk to the right, purchase any fish. You can use this to lie to the krogan, telling them you caught it at the Presidium.

Head back to where you first saw and overheard the krogan and speak to them. This is now an option. Lie about where you acquired the fish, and they’ll be dazzled and in awe, giving you 1,000 credits while you net five Renegade points.

Tip: If you get reinstated as a Spectre by Commander Anderson or if you use the Renegade dialogue option, you can get a discount from the shopkeeper.

Paragon Option: Tell The Truth

After you talk to the Presidium Groundskeeper, go back to Level 27 and find the Krogan where they were having an argument prior. Now, you can speak to them. 

  • Tell them that there are no fish in the Presidium. Naturally, they’ll be disappointed but they will also thank you for letting them know.

Because of this act of generosity, you’ll be rewarded five Paragon points and 1,000 credits. It’s a neat little callback to Wrex who, in the first game, would sometimes say, “I could use a snack. Think there’s any fish out in that lake?” Sadly, old friend, there isn’t.

Tip: Before you leave the Citadel, you can purchase some ingredients at the Zakera Cafe on Level 27 which the chef on the Normandy wants.

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