Mass Effect Andromeda: All The Steps Needed To Complete Jaal’s Loyalty Mission

Mass Effect: Andromeda has a lot of content in it and a variety of different characters to get to know. Among these people are Pathfinder Ryder’s crew and squad aboard the Tempest. Returning from Mass Effect 2 are loyalty missions for each squad member. One mission, though, that adds more lore to the series is that of the angara Jaal.

Jaal’s loyalty mission has perhaps the most depth than others and can be a bit more tricky to get right in the end. Plus, unlike the loyalty missions of Mass Effect 2, there are more steps involved instead of just talking to the companion and doing the mission afterward. Here are all the steps needed to complete Jaal’s loyalty mission.

Complete The Jaal: Friend Or Foe Questline

After gaining the angaran resistance leader Evfra’s trust, the first part of the questline will pop up in your quest log. This will kick off the Friend or Foe questline for Jaal, which is split into three parts and focuses on a faction of alien-hating angara called the Roekaar.

Friend Or Foe Part I

Talk to Jaal aboard the Tempest and he will tell Ryder about the Roekaar and their leader, Akksul. Akksul was once a student under Moshae Sjefa like Jaal was at one point, where he researched the Remnant. At some point, he was captured by the kett and spent a year in a labor camp where he witnessed their atrocities. He escaped but was a changed man with a deep hatred for all aliens.

Jaal will then suggest you go to Havarl, one of Heleus’ habitable planets, and speak to Thaldyr, an angara woman who escaped the kett with Akksul. Go to her house, which is northeast of Pelaav Research Station, and take out the kett that are outside her house. Afterward, talk to her and hear her out. It does not matter what is said to her. She will then die and Jaal will realize that the Moshae will, unfortunately, have to get involved.

Friend Or Foe Part II

Unless she was rescued already, the player will have to progress through the main quest line since she has to be saved from the main base, regardless of the tough choice made at the end. Afterward, all there is to do is wait until Jaal sets up a meeting on Aya which he will notify you of the time in your mail — so pay attention to it.

Once the message is received, head to the history museum on Aya, which is where the meeting is to take place. Here, Ryder will meet Akksul for the first time themselves. His hatred toward both you and the Andromeda Initiative is on full display. Much like with Thaldyr, saying certain things will have no effect on the overall outcome of the quest. Despite how Akksul is now, the Moshae still thinks he can be saved.

Friend Or Foe Part III

Upon returning to the Tempest, Ryder will have a message on vidcon waiting for them. This will trigger the third and final part of the Friend or Foe questline. The message is one from August Bradley of Prodromos saying Ryder should meet them there. Go to Eos and talk to Bradley who believes that Prodromos could soon be attacked by the Roekkar. This is clearly meant to be a statement by Akksul to Ryder, since Prodromos was the first colony founded by them in Andromeda.

After talking to him, head to Blackrock Tande, which is on the western side of the map. A small Roekkar camp can be seen. Go there and take out the enemies but beware of the sniper they have. Use the Nomad or nearby rocks for cover. Once they are eliminated, search the area for a console that reveals the enemy’s plan. Knowing their plan allows a trap to be laid.

Go to Site 2: Resilience, which is south of the Site 1: Promise forward station, and activate the communications array when ready. Roekkar soldiers will then come crawling out and try to take you down. They will come at you hard, so use your abilities and best weapons wisely. Once the Roekkar are taken down at Resilience, go to Promise where they are located now, and do the same.

After taking them down, Akksul will voice his frustration and Prodromos will be saved. But it is not over yet. Return to the Tempest to hear a vidcon message from Akksul warning of his next plan. This will complete the quest while you have to wait a bit for the loyalty mission to open properly.

The Loyalty Mission: Flesh And Blood

Now it is the time for the big moment. You will get notified of an email from Jaal to talk about Akksul’s next move. When meeting him on the Tempest, Ryder will overhear a meeting between two of his mothers and discover that three of his siblings have joined the Roekkar, making this personal to him.

Akksul is headed to the Forge on Havarl, which is supposedly the birthplace of the angara, for an unknown purpose. Head to the previously mentioned research station on Havarl and meet with the contact to start the mission.

The mission is fairly straightforward, requiring you to move through the area and deal with enemies as they come. Along the way, Ryder and Jaal will encounter the latter’s siblings and discover that Akksul is planning on blowing up the Forge using Initiative explosives. This will frame the Initiative and turn all angara against them.

Now you have to disarm the explosives before they are detonated in a pretty tight space. Close quarters combat is best for this. Try to disarm the bombs at as much health as possible and when the enemies are at their thinnest.

The Big Moment

After disarming the bomb, Akksul himself shows up to try and rally the remaining Roekkar to his side while Jaal does the same. Before and during the mission, Jaal warns Ryder that Akksul will make Ryder want to kill him. This is put on full display when Akksul eventually pulls a gun on Jaal and the latter tells Ryder to trust him.

A prompt will appear when pressed which will shoot Akksul. For the best outcome, do not activate, since doing so will have Akksul die the martyr he wants to be and the Roekkar will only be more motivated. Not pressing the button will cause Akksul shoot at Jaal, but the bullet will only graze his cheek. This will show the Roekkar what Akksul has become and most will now be deterred from their goal.

Afterward, Jaal will thank Ryder for trusting him and have a cool scar on his cheek. He is now loyal to Ryder.

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