Mass Effect: Asari Consort Walkthrough

One of the many aspects that fans love about Mass Effect is that you can romance a few of your squadmates, leading to a steamy little scene near the end of the game. However, there is another sexual encounter you can have by completing the optional assignment Citadel: Asari Consort, though it doesn’t count towards the Paramor achievement/trophy.

This assignment is easy to complete and also rewards you with some morality points, so it’s well worth doing. We have a full walkthrough of Citadel: Asari Consort right here, including how to get the Consort into bed with you (or rather, into a bubble).

Citadel: Asari Consort Walkthrough

This assignment becomes available as soon as you have met with Ambassador Udina on the Citadel. Head over to the Consort Chambers in the Presidium and speak to Nelyna to begin the Citadel: Asari Consort assignment. (Speaking to the Elcor in the room near the human embassy will also direct you towards this assignment.)

Nelyna explains that the Consort is fully booked, however, as you leave, the Consort will message Nelyna and asks her to send you into her chambers.

Go down the hallway and head upstairs to find Sha’ira, the Consort. Sha’ira will explain that she has a problem — an old friend and client of hers named Septimus has been spreading lies about her because she rebuffed him. She wants you to convince him to stop in his vendetta against her.

She tells you that you can find Septimus in Chora’s Den and that your best bet is to appeal to his sense of honor. Head to Chora’s Den in the Wards, where you can find Septimus sitting at a table near the back.

Speak with Septimus and eventually, you will reach a dialogue point where you can Charm or Intimidate him into stopping his petty vendetta, choose to walk away (which will end the assignment with no reward), or continue to persuade him by choosing the best dialogue options.

Once you convince him of his wrongdoing, Septimus will then ask a favor of you/offer you a chance to earn some extra credits. As part of his deception, he told an elcor diplomat named Xeltan that Sha’ira had leaked his secrets when in fact, Septimus uncovered the secrets for himself. Septimus asks that you set the record straight with the elcor in order to clear Shai’ira’s name. This begins the assignment Citadel: Xeltan’s Complaint.

We recommend completing this additional assignment in order to get an extra reward from Sha’ira. Travel to the Embassies on the Presidium and head to the room east of Udina’s office to find Xeltan.

Tell Xeltan the truth and ensure you choose the “I wouldn’t worry.” and “Don’t worry.” dialogue options with him to earn yourself a couple of Paragon Points, as well as some credits and experience points.

Return to the Consort Chambers and speak to Sha’ira. You will be given three dialogue options:

  • “Glad to help.” — Earns 2 Paragon Points.
  • “No problem.” — No change in morality.
  • “Let’s talk payment.” — Earns 2 Renegade Points.

As a reward, the Consort will give you a “gift of words” — this speech is dependant on the choices you made when creating your Psychological Profile and Pre-Service History.

If you choose “That’s it?” after the gift of words, you will initiate a sexual encounter with the Consort.

Afterward, you’ll earn some credits and experience points. Additionally, providing you dealt with Xeltan before returning to Sha’ira, she will give you a special trinket as an extra reward.

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