Mass Effect: Rita’s Sister Walkthrough

Mass Effect is full of plenty of optional assignments that you can choose to undertake for some additional rewards, quirky storylines, and where you can make decisions that potentially cause repercussions in the following two Mass Effect titles. One of the first optional quests you can undertake is Citadel: Rita’s Sister.

This is an easy little assignment to do and a good way to earn some morality points based on the choices that you make while completing it. Here is a full walkthrough of Rita’s Sister, offering information on all decision points, and including consequences for Mass Effect 3.

Where To Unlock the Citadel: Rita’s Sister Assignment

On your first visit to Flux (upstairs from the Upper Markets), you can overhear the owner Doran and his waitress Rita having a discussion.

Speak to Rita to initiate the assignment; she will tell you her sister Jenna is working as an informant for C-Sec in Chora’s Den and that she is worried that Jenna will be exposed and land herself in a lot of trouble with the bar’s shady clientele.

Rita’s Sister Walkthrough

Head to Chora’s Den (near the Lower Markets) and speak to Jenna who can be found behind the bar.

Regardless of what you say to her, she’ll eventually refuse to keep speaking with you. When you attempt to leave Chora’s Den, you’ll find a turian called Chelick blocking your way. Attempting to get past him will prompt a cutscene where he tells you to meet him in C-Sec if you want to speak about Jenna.

Head over to C-Sec and you’ll find Chellick in his office to the left side of the map, just before the Traffic Control area.

Detective Chellick will reprimand you for almost blowing Jenna’s cover. Once you voice your concerns over Jenna’s safety, Chellick will propose a deal where you get the information he needs so that Jenna doesn’t have to.

At this point, you can choose the following options:

  • Charm Chellick into letting Jenna go
  • Intimidate Chellick into letting Jenna go
  • Refuse to help Chellick
  • Agree to help Chellick so that he releases Jenna from her work

You’ll need enough points to successfully charm or intimidate Chellick, and even if you go down this route, you can still agree to help him afterward. If you refuse to help, you can speak to Chellick again at any time if you change your mind and want to help him. (We recommend helping him to earn yourself some morality points.)

Chellick asks you to take part in an illegal weapons mod deal with a krogan named Jax. You’ll be posing as a buyer in order to get evidence of Jax’s illegal shenanigans.

Head to the Lower Markets to meet with Jax and his turian accomplices. You will have three options here:

  • “You’re under arrest.”
  • “Sure.”
  • “I don’t think so.” (Fight them.)

Choosing to arrest or fight Jax has the same result — you’ll have to defeat Jax and his turian buddies and Chellick will not be happy when you report back to him, earning you 9 Renegade Points.

Reporting to Chellick after going along with the pretense will earn you 8 Paragon points, some XP, credits, omni-gel, and an upgrade.

Regardless of how you got Chellick to release Jenna, you can return to Flux and speak to Rita to wrap things up and earn her thanks. Completing this assignment will also unlock the Citadel: Schells The Gambler assignment on your next Flux visit.

Mass Effect 3 Consequences

If you completed both Citadel: Rita’s Sister and Citadel: The Fan in Mass Effect, and then Illium: Conrad Verner in Mass Effect 2 (and Conrad survived), then Jenna will play a pivotal role in ensuring Conrad survives when you meet him in Mass Effect 3.

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