Masters Of Mutanite Is A Superhero Board Game With A Rockin’ 80s Era Theme Song

Board and card game creator studio Knapsack Games recently launched a Kickstarter drive to crowdfund the creation of Masters of Mutanite, a mutant and superpowers deck-building board game. As of this writing, the project has 20 days left remaining, and is close and getting closer to hitting the halfway mark of its $25,000 goal.

The Masters of Mutanite (MoM) Kickstarter has only four reward tiers: a $1 Project Updates (only) tier, a $45 The Game tier, a $100 Knapsack Games Triple Play tier, and a $160 Retailer tier. One of its four stretch goals has already been unlocked, with the project’s notes hinting at more possibly being added depending on the funding level. All those tiers and goal contain the items you can earn with your pledged support, including a copy of the core MoM game, the MoM game plus Knapsack Games’ two previously released board games, Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society, and Knee Jerk: The Party Game of Instant Reactions.

Of course, the real draw here is the core MoM game, but there’s another item supporting the game here that very nearly overshadows it, and that’s the game’s theme song featured in the product video. Yes, this board game has its own theme song, and a damn cool one, at that. It’s done in the style of many popular 1980s era cartoons, with well-written and catchy lyrics and professional-grade animation done by Smallpools and Quillsilver Studio. Honestly, the project’s worth your support pledge based on the theme song alone, and here’s hoping more board and tabletop games catch on and make it a trend.

Masters of Mutanite is designed for two to four players age 13 and up, with an average game session time of 45 to 75 minutes, according to the Kickstarter notes. MoM is billed as “a spatial deckbuilding game,” which means that instead of your characters starting the game with a list of powers and abilities that increase in number or grow in strength as the game plays out, your powers and abilities are dependent on where your character is located on the game board. The game board is divided up into city zones, and each zone has a specific power located there. In order to gain or use a new power, you first have to reach the city zone it’s located in. If, that is, the other players don’t stop you from getting there, or get there first.

The Kickstarter page has all the details, along with large-scale pics of the game and its quality components and intricate art. You can learn more about Knapsack Games on its website, and its Facebook and Twitter channels.

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