Medieval Dynasty: 7 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

Medieval Dynasty is a survival crafting game set in a quaint valley filled with a few small towns. Your goal while playing it so complete the main questline and create a village for you, your wife, and your child to live in. With an heir, you can comfortably live in the village you built from the ground up.

After beating the game, you may be wondering what to do next. Thankfully, we have answers! Here, we are going to look at what you can do after beating the game. Beating the game consists of completing the main story, but as with other survival crafting games, there is more to do after.

7/7 Complete All Quests

Once you have played through the main story, also known as Chapter Quests, there will still be quests that can be completed around the valley. After completing all available chapter quests, you can complete the storylines for characters such as Uniegost or Dobroniega.

Both of these characters have fairly long quest lines that will take you throughout the valley to new locations. There are also smaller quests that will randomly generate each season. These quests are typically smaller, requiring you to obtain an item. Completing them is a good way to earn dynasty reputation and money.

6/7 Expand Your Village

One of the main features of Medieval Dynasty is the ability to make your own village. You can choose the location you want, and place buildings however you see fit. After beating the game, this is the perfect time to expand your village.

While there is a build limit, it’s quite large, so you can place dozens of buildings without worrying about it. If you’re up for even more of a challenge, you can attempt to relocate your village.

5/7 Maximize All Your Skills On The Technology Tree

There are several skill types that you will deal with in the game. Increasing your level in one of these categories will unlock new perks and buildings for you to place. It’s not required to unlock every technology in the main story though.

Because of this, after you beat the storyline is the perfect opportunity to maximize all of your skills. With no main story to worry about, you can devote all of your time to tasks like farming or hunting. If you want to boost your skills quickly, try handling these tasks for your village, rather than delegating them to villagers.

4/7 Create A Farm Animal Empire

Farm animals are expensive, especially if you are buying a cow for the first time. During the main story, you may not have enough money to buy and take care of animals, but after you beat the game, you can try to buy every animal.

With at least two of every animal type, you can create your own farm animal empire. Although each animal will cost money, and you need a barn for them, farm animals can prove to be quite profitable. Just be sure to have enough space!

3/7 Beautify Your Village

Living in the medieval age can be quite dull; there are a lot of brown and tan shades everywhere, with simple wooden structures. This doesn’t mean you have to settle when it comes to decorating your village.

After beating the game, in addition to expanding your village, try to beautify it! By leveling up your building skill, you will unlock new decorative items, such as wreaths, outdoor furniture, and lanterns. Try to make a realistic village with hanging lanterns decorating your main streets. For an added challenge, you can try to make the front of every house unique. Overall, make the village look like it's populated by real people, rather than a bunch of NPCs.

2/7 Get Every Achievement

Achievement hunting is a popular activity in every video game. Obtaining them all can be a badge of honor, especially when some are more difficult to obtain. In Medieval Dynasty, there are achievements that you will naturally obtain while completing the main story, like Camp, which requires you to have a small number of buildings in your village.

Other achievements, like Caveman, which requires you to have a mine on every cave, are a bit harder to obtain. If you are looking to complete every achievement in the game, be sure to take a look at our achievement guide.

1/7 Start Over

Lastly, after beating the game, you can start over. This may seem a bit obvious, but starting over gives you the opportunity to start from scratch and do things a bit differently. In a new game, you can find a different wife, settle in a new location, and focus on something else.

Starting over also gives you a chance to set your own ‘rules’. For example, in a new game, you could give yourself the rule of only selling crops for profit. Alternatively, you can only make money from crafted items. These rules give you a challenge, making starting over not feel as repetitive.

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