Microsoft Giving Those Who Failed To Get Xbox All Access A Second Chance

If you failed to pre-order an Xbox Series X or S with with Xbox All Access due to demand, you might be in luck. It appears that Microsoft is emailing people who lost time to applying for Xbox All Access and missed out on pre-orders as a result. This email claims that several Xbox Series X and S units have been set aside, and that these people will get an exclusive window to order.

Xbox All Access is a novel new way to buy a console. Rather than pay for the machine outright, consumers can make two years of monthly payments. The cost works out to about $25 a month for Series S and $35 a month for Series X, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/Live is included for those two years. It’s been called a game changer, especially after Microsoft added EA Play to Game Pass and bought Bethesda. The one hiccup is that those who want Xbox All Access have to apply for a line of credit through a separate company. This process cost many a lot of time on Xbox pre-order day– by the time they got approval or denial, the stock was all gone.

Now it seems that Microsoft has realized the error of its timing, and is giving Xbox All Access hopefuls a second chance. Gaming industry insider Wario64 shared one of these emails.

In the email, addressed to Microsoft Store customers, it’s acknowledged that the recipient failed to complete a pre-order of Xbox All Access. As compensation, Microsoft has set aside a special stock of both Xbox Series X and S consoles. Microsoft Store customers (no word on other retailers) will be given 72 hours to claim one of these consoles and complete their Xbox All Access order. More details will be sent to these select few on October 19.

The move is a great way to build faith in Microsoft as the new console generation arrives. The Xbox company already took some shots at Sony for the chaos that was the PlayStation 5 pre-orders. Then again, the confusing Xbox name caused some issues in and of itself. Xbox All Access, while a great idea, was also handled poorly by being dropped at the same time as general pre-orders. This second chance should allow Microsoft to hold onto those consumers who picked Xbox Series X/S from day one.

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