Microsoft Sent Snoop Dogg An Xbox Series X Fridge

In a now-deleted Instagram post, seemingly filming from a set, Snoop Dogg gave his fans a look at the “Series X” refrigerator gifted to him by Xbox for his 49th birthday. There was also an Xbox cake, as well as two gold chains, inside.

The rapper, who has appeared in multiple video games and is apparently quite the gamer himself, has had a relationship with Xbox since 2019 when he launched a branded wireless headset in collaboration with LucidSound designed for the system. He even occasionally streams on Twitch, although, they have been somewhat rocky recently, after an hours-long outage of service on Xbox Live prompted an angry Instagram rant addressed to Bill Gates, asking him to “fix [his] **** man.”

Apparently, by way of an apology, the company gifted Snoop the solid black fridge, branded with the Xbox logo. It’s fully stocked with orange juice, water, and plenty of Indoggo gin (Snoop’s own brand, of course), as well as the beautiful Xbox cake which is frosted with “Happy Birthday to the Xbox OG.” It also contains two Xbox themed gold chains, which match the two we see Snoop wearing at the end of the video as he turns the camera.

Fans speculate about the reasons the video was deleted, with many guessing that they are from an upcoming commercial. This is because the fridge is alone on a green background, as opposed to in a house or studio. On top of this, when Snoop turns the camera around at the end to smile at the audience, it looks as if he is on a green screen set or sound stage, and we can see straight up to the lights above him.

While there is no solid evidence now to support this idea, it does seem like the most logical explanation. It could be a potential new collaborative product launch, but unless or until the full commercial or formal video is released, there’s no way to know for sure. Only one question remains…did Snoop get to keep the fridge?

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