Microsoft To Open Tokyo Game Show With 50 Minute Showcase

The timetable has been released for the Tokyo Game Show 2020, and it features a 50-minute presentation from Xbox, as well as presentations from some of gaming’s biggest developers.

The event is scheduled to occur over four days from September 23 to 27 and will feature 402 exhibitors. 204 of those exhibitors are Japanese and the remaining 198 are from other countries. All of this information is accurate as of September 1, but is subject to change should anything happen between now and then.

The timetable was shared on the Japanese gaming news site Game Watch and shows that, on September 24, Xbox will have a 50-minute presentation from 5:00am to 5:50am PST. Interestingly enough, Sony and Nintendo do not have timeslots for the convention right now, so there will be no news from either of those sources. However, there are several major studios that will have the same 50-minute time allotment to showcase what they are bringing to the table in the last part of this year.

Following Xbox will be Square Enix. On September 25, Sega will be announcing a large line-up of games as well as commemorating the 60th anniversary of Sega. Later that night, Capcom will have its show with a special announcement for Resident Evil: Village and its latest developments. The big publisher on September 26 will be Konami with all of its latest and greatest titles. Finally, we close out on the 27th with more Konami, a presentation from Bandi Namco—who will be talking about Sword Art Online and a new RPG called Scarlet Nexus—and PUBG’s view of the current and future condition of esports in Japan.

Of course, those are just the heavy-weights that will have time during the show. There are dozens of other publishers, developers, and tech companies who will be discussing what they are doing. This conference is one of the biggest in the gaming world, so you’re going to get a lot of news, rumors, and reveals out of this one. Be sure to keep an eye on our reporting in late September, so that you are up-to-date on everything that comes out of the Tokyo Game Show.

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