Microsoft Trademarks The Xbox Series X Logo, See It Here

Microsoft appears to be setting the stage for another Xbox Series X reveal. On April 16, the company filed a new trademark application for the next-generation console that, among other things, included what appears to be the console’s logo.

The trademark application, which was filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office–first noticed by users on Reddit–shows a logo that features a stylized X and the world “Series.” It’s possible that this is the logo that we’ll see on packaging or other marketing materials.

However, trademark applications are also known to be almost completely meaningless. For example, Activision trademarked Call of Duty: Secret Warfare and Space Warfare, and those never came to be. The difference here is that we know Xbox Series X is the name of the console, so it appears likely that this is the genuine article.

The trademark application also confirms that it covers all types of things, from a game console to bathrobes and even squeezeable stress balls. That’s common for these types of filings, as this trademark is meant to cover all types of different uses and applications.

The Xbox Series X is slated for release this holiday. Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently said the next-generation console remains on track for launch despite concerns about COVID-19. The factories in China are now ramping back up, he pointed out. It’s more likely that games would be delayed rather than hardware, he said. Spencer also confirmed that Microsoft plans to release the Xbox Series X even if some of its games are delayed due to COVID-19.

Halo Infinite has been announced as a launch title for the console. By all accounts, that is still the case, but developer 343 Industries has also cautioned that the COVID-19 situation may get worse before it gets better. The developers are currently working from home.

The Xbox Series X may not be the only next-gen Xbox that Microsoft releases this year. The company is also said to be working on a lower-price next-gen Xbox under the codename Lockhart. Windows Central recently reported that this console is approaching a new development milestone, as workers begin to use the system at home for testing purposes. The same report said Microsoft may be planning to make more next-gen Xbox announcements in May.

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