Midnight Fight Express: Every Skill And What They Do

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There are forty Skills for you to learn and master in Midnight Fight Express, which will all drastically improve your combat potential, allowing you to shock enemies, disarm them, perform finishing moves, and much more. However, to learn every Skill in the game, you must first beat every mission, as Skill Points are tied to clearing each of the forty missions.

So, unlike most titles, you cannot simply grind out Skill Points and become ultra-powerful at the start of the game. Instead, you will have to earn each Skill by working your way through the campaign, making it hard to know which Skill to unlock and when. To combat this, we will outline each of the Skills across the game's six categories to help make the decision-making process much easier for you.

Fighter Skills

Fighter Skills are your melee-focused Skills in Midnight Fight Express, allowing you to perform combos, travel from one enemy to another with a devastating strike, and much more. Additionally, this Skill Tree has the most Skills of the bunch, so let's get into why all of them are excellent for enabling your true power.

Skill NameDescription
CombosAllows you to combine Light and Heavy Attacks together to execute more devastating Combos.
Long Range AttacksEnables you to perform a lunging attack from a great distance, allowing you to close the gap with a powerful strike.
SlideAllows you to perform a sliding attack while sprinting, knocking back enemies in your path.
Kick Big ItemsAllows you to kick heavy items found in the environment rather than throw them, providing more damage.
Heavy Roll UppercutWhen rolling, you can follow it up with a devastating uppercut, making it an excellent way to keep your offense going while evading.
Chain ThrowAfter successfully landing a few hits, you can throw an enemy in any direction.
Crotch StunEnables you to break a blocking opponent's guard by delivering a strike to their crotch.
Powerful Ground AttackYou slam into the ground with tremendous force, generating a shockwave that deals damage to all enemies in its area of effect.
Heavy ChargeYou charge forward like a freight train and cause all enemies you make contact with to stumble, allowing you to follow up with easy combos or attacks.

Parry And Counter Skills

The Parry and Counter Skills are more defensive-focused Skills that grant you the ability to take back your turn on offense and follow up with brutal actions of your own that can turn the tides of battle in your favor. While there aren't as many Skills in this Skill Tree as in the previous one, the ones here are exceptionally strong, so let's take a look at them!

Skill NameDescription
Parry And CounterAllows you to follow a parry up with a counterattack, leading to massive damage and combo potential.
Kick CountersAllows you to counterattack with a kick after landing a parry, which leads to several more options and high damage.
Knockout CountersYou can follow your parries up with an attack that will knockdown your opponent, allowing you to use ground attacks to continue your offense.
Parry WeaponsEnables you to parry enemies using melee-based weapons, even if you are unarmed.
Disarm CountersAllows you to take parrying enemies using melee-based weapons to the next level, having you disarm them.
Takeover CountersThis further improves your melee-based weapon parry and allows you to disarm and steal your opponent's weapon.

Finisher Skills

Finisher Skills enable you to execute fatal attacks on severely weakened enemies, allowing you to finish combos off with style or even use the environment to your advantage to seal the deal. These Skills are some of the best and most useful in the game, which we will cover below!

Skill NameDescription
Chain FinisherYou can follow your chain attacks up with a devastating finishing move.
Environmental FinisherWhen attacking someone against a wall, railing, or select other objects, you will automatically perform an environmental finisher on severely wounded enemies.
Unarmed FinishersAllows you to perform a finishing move while unarmed.
Weapon FinishersAllows you to perform a finishing move while wielding a melee-based weapon.
Gun FinishersAllows you to perform a finishing move while wielding a gun.
Ground FinishersEnables you to finish enemies off that are knocked down. Excellent for closing out combos or following up attacks that place your opponent in a knockdown state.

Grapple Skills

Another crucial Skill Tree in Midnight Fight Express is the Grapple one, which allows you to cling onto your enemy and follow up with several options ranging from a high-damaging slam, a Finisher, and even an environmental kill. This is the Skill Tree for you if you want to make quick work of the smaller enemies.

Skill NameDescription
Grab EnemyAllows you to grab your opponent and deliver several strikes.
Ground SlamUnlocks the ability to slam your opponent into the ground after grabbing them.
Grapple FinisherIf the enemy's health is low, you can perform a fatal finishing move on them after grabbing them.
Grapple ThrowGrants you the ability to drag your opponent around when grabbing them. This Skill also allows you to throw your enemy in any direction.
Mount AttackYou swiftly get on top of your opponent and deliver a series of brutal strikes.
Disarm WeaponAfter grabbing your opponent, you can disarm and steal their weapon.
Environmental KillAllows you to drag your opponent and perform a fatal environmental kill on them after grabbing them.

Secondary Gun Skills

Though you won't have access to the Secondary Gun Skill Tree until a bit later in your adventure, it becomes instantly apparent how important it is from the moment you use it. Having a revolver with several different bullets that regenerate over time will give you an enormous advantage in combat, making it one of our favorite options in the game.

Skill NameDescription
Magnum BulletAllows you to shoot an ordinary magnum round from your Secondary Weapon. Despite being a standard bullet, it still deals extreme damage.
Electrified BulletYou can now shoot an electrified bullet at your enemy, electrocuting them and making them temporarily stay in place.
Power Wave BulletAllows you to shoot a condensed ball of powerful energy that can knock down several enemies simultaneously. This Skill will also disarm most enemies due to it sending them flying across the screen.
Binding BulletYou shoot another electrified bullet at your enemy, but this time, it ties an electric rope around them, disabling all their movements for a short period.
Hypnotize BulletAllows you to shoot a bullet at your target that hypnotizes them, forcing them to fight alongside you and attack their own.
Dart MinesYou shoot a sticky dart at your target that explodes after a brief moment, causing extreme damage to your target and other enemies near them.

Rope Skills

Despite being the last Skill Tree you unlock in Midnight Fight Express, the Rope Skills offer another dash of chaos in an already off-the-rails Beat-'em-Up. From disarming enemies from a safe distance to pulling them towards you like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, there's a lot to unpack, so let's get into it!

Skill NameDescription
Rope GrabGrants you the ability to pull your opponent towards you with the rope gun.
Rope DisarmEnables you to disarm enemies with the rope gun, allowing you to remove guns from your opponent from a safe distance.
Rope ElectrocuteAllows you to send an electric shock through the rope to electrocute your opponent. The shockwave will hit enemies nearby your target, allowing you to shock multiple enemies simultaneously.
Rope SpinThe rope wraps around the enemy, allowing you to spin them around with tremendous momentum and force. You can toss your target into other enemies in the area, enabling you to knock down and deal damage to several opponents at once.
Rope KnockoutPull your target towards you and follow up with a devastating attack that knocks them out cold.
Rope Jump AttackYou wrap the rope around your opponent once more but perform a brutal jumping attack that deals severe damage.

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