Minecraft Dungeons Devs "Don’t Care" If Game Is Unbalanced, "Because It’s Fun"

The upcoming dungeon crawler, Minecraft Dungeons, will reportedly give players ways to make their characters absurdly overpowered. Not only that, but the developers don’t really seem to care too much if it makes the game unbalanced, “because it’s fun”.

Minecraft Dungeons of course follows up Minecraft, one of the most successful and widely recognizable video games of all time. The dungeon crawler will only mirror its predecessor in looks though, as its gameplay system will be wholly unique. Long hours of gathering and building will be replaced with short bursts of intense action gameplay.

Unlike other dungeon-based RPGs, Minecraft Dungeons will not give its players a selection of classes to choose from. Instead, you’ll attach various equipment and enchantments to your character, which will each power them up with new defenses and abilities.

Some of the enchantments supposedly have ridiculous power, but executive producer, David Nisshagen, stated that the the team isn’t bothered by it. “It’s probably a bit unbalanced but we don’t care because it’s fun,” explained the developer.

It’s worth noting that enemy mobs will be able to equip enchantments too. This means  that your character might be able to breeze through some challenges, but a powerful enchantment doesn’t mean the game will be a cakewalk. Whether or not the enchantment formula works throughout the game’s entirety, we won’t know until it finally hits shelves in a few months.

Source: PC Gamer

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