Mizkif Catches A Rare Coelacanth In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

As long-time fans will know, catching a Coelacanth in Animal Crossing is no mean feat. They’re very special, elusive creatures, after all. When Mizkif finally got his hands on one – he was understandably more than a little happy about it.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has finally arrived and players around the world are starting to settle into their new island lives. After all, the real world has all but ground to a halt at this point, and with so many of us being confined to our homes, Animal Crossing is a real saving grace just now. We’ve never been happier to see Tom Nook and his money-grubbing ways.

Here we are, then, getting to grips with New Horizons’ way of doing things. With the whole uninhabited island concept in mind, much of our early days with the game have been spent clearing weeds, getting the store up and running, and moving out of that lowly tent. To get Blathers on board and opening his iconic museum, you need to start collecting specimens too – which means hunting fossils, bugs and, of course, fish.

Luckily for Mizkif, he found an absolute whopper of a Coelacanth in under 10 minutes of fishing.

(Warning: Loud volume/langue)

As many franchise fans will tell you, fishing in the Animal Crossing series is a simple yet highly addictive pursuit. All you need to do is cast near a fish’s shadow, hope it takes the bait and then hit/hold the button just as it bites. It’s all about the timing. Fish shadows spawn in a range of sizes, giving a vague idea as to whether you’ve got a teeny goldfish or a shark species (yep, really) on your hands.

Different fish spawn at different times of the day and the year, too, adding up to quite a time commitment if you’re trying to fill out your museum. Of the many species in the game, one of the rarest and most valuable is the Coelacanth. It spawns only in the ocean during rain or snow and sells for 15,000 Bells apiece. Needless to say, they can be tricky customers to catch, but as with anything rare in video games, there are always players who are fortunate enough to stumble upon them without really trying.

When that moment is captured live on stream, the triumph is always extra special. Twitch streamer Mizkif happened upon a Coelacanth during an offhand discussion about his love for creeypastas, and his response was… well, he sure was happy to catch it.

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