Mocap Actor Says Halo Infinite Is Ready For Next Spring

According to Bruce Thomas, Master Chief’s mocap actor for Halo Infinite, the game is ready to release in spring 2021.

The news came up during a recent interview with Dan Allen Gaming, as the two were discussing the new Black Ops Cold War – which Thomas was also involved in – before the conversation shifted to Halo Infinite. Thomas has worked extensively with the Halo franchise, performing as the mocap actor for Chief across Halo 4, Halo 5, and now Halo Infinite.

“As far as I know it’s in the can, ready to go for next spring,” said Bruce Thomas, when asked about the series’ latest game. He did mention that there is a possibility more shoots will crop up once the pandemic is under control, but barring any major reshoots it sounds like everything is on track for an early 2021 arrival.

Of course, Thomas’ revelation isn’t an official confirmation, but it’s great to hear positive news about Infinite’s release date. After it’s first gameplay showing, things were a bit rocky – fans were upset with what they saw, and the title was quickly postponed to a 2021 launch. If this latest news is anything to go by, however, it sounds like development has been going well ever since the postponement.

Halo Infinite was slated to be the biggest launch title for Xbox Series X. When it was delayed, Series X lost the most compelling reason to pick up the new console. That hasn’t slowed down sales, however, and Microsoft continues to have issues with inventory. Retailers will periodically restock with both Series X and Series S – but are usually sold out within moments of going live.

If Halo Infinite really does come out next spring, expect to see an increased demand for Series X. No doubt Halo fans are ready to get their hands on the latest installment and see how 343 Industries is able to modernize the world of Halo.

Halo Infinite does not have an official release date but, if you believe Thomas, it could be out next spring.

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