Modern Warfare 2 Fan Finds Exploit To Farm Thousands Of XP

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 just released, and like many new games, it's not perfect. The game's anti-cheat is reportedly banning players for running RGB software. The new ping system briefly resulted in wall hacks, leading to the system being disabled. And not everyone is on board with the revamped menus.

But not every new glitch is turning Modern Warfare into a nightmare for Call of Duty fans. There's at least one glitch that can result in players farming thousands of XP in just a few seconds, provided they can pull it off.

As noted by Reddit user Ikcatcher, "If the game doesn’t want to be generous with weapon XP, I’m going to look for easier options." The video posted shows Ikcatcher racking up a seemingly endless string of XP alerts, with the top comment revealing the trick. Throw a suppression mine at just the right spot on an open tank hatch and you'll cause Modern Warfare 2 to bug out, giving the player a whole bunch of weapon XP.

Ikcatcher makes the glitch look easy, but another Reddit video (thanks to PC Gamer) shows it's actually a lot harder than it looks. Jumping onto a moving tank not only makes you a giant target for enemy snipers but also makes you vulnerable to being squashed by 30 tons of armored fighting vehicle.

There's also some confusion about how to trigger the glitch. Some are stating that it'll work with any tank, while others are saying it has to be an open hatch on an IFV like the Bradley above. Some are stating that the glitch has already been patched out, while others are stating that it's still in the game for those skilled enough to pull it off.

Regardless of whether the bug still exists, it's certainly a bug that will be squashed eventually, although Infinity Ward's Trello board still doesn't have the bug listed. That might give you some time to try to get some free XP before the glitch is fixed.

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