Modern Warfare 2 Players Have A Big Problem With Riot Shield "Turtles"

Modern Warfare 2 matches seem to have been taken over by an unpopular meta, as the game's subreddit is full of complaints about Riot Shield wearing "turtles".

Since its launch in October, Modern Warfare 2 players have had a ton of things to complain about, including a lack of hardcore, maps that have been removed from the game, maps players wish would be removed from the game, and more. There's one complaint that's been pretty consistent over the past few months, however, and that's how overpowered Riot Shields are.

The reason Riot Shields are so universally hated is that, when not in use, they essentially protect a player's back from any damage. This has been noted since launch, but the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit has been filled with complaints about these players over the last few weeks, who the community have taken to calling "turtles".

One popular post from Redditor clembo3 outlines some of the biggest problems with the Riot Shields, such as how they cover way too much of the player's back, don't slow them down when not in use, and that it has no damage limit and can be used without any kind of consequence. Others are simply posting memes about the turtle problem, including this inventive post from Redditor Maazky145 that suggests we use plastic straw bullets.

This hatred of Riot Shields seems to have reached a boiling point over the past few days, which is likely due to the release of Shipment, a close-quarters map that encourages being able to run around and not get shot in the back. This, in turn, seems to have encouraged more players to use the Riot Shield as a back shield and only use one primary weapon, which results in the game looking like the "Ninja Turtle experience".

Funnily enough, it seems that Infinity Ward is at least a little bit aware that the Riot Shield is causing some problems in Modern Warfare 2. Last week, patch notes for the game revealed that Riot Shields have had their time-to-kill increased from two hits to three. Although that's one step in the right direction, it doesn't fix the main problem, which is players turning into turtles and wearing them on their backs.

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