Modern Warfare 2 To Tweak Footstep Audio And Enemy Visibility Following Beta Run

Earlier this month Infinity Ward held two betas for its upcoming title Modern Warfare 2. While the developer used feedback from the first to improve the game for its second outing, there is still work to be done before the official release. Specifically, when it comes to footstep audio and enemy visibility.

In a blog post on their website (thanks VGC), Infinity Ward thanked fans for playing through the test weekends and making them such a success. They also pointed out the biggest issues that were brought up by players as they tested out the game and outlined what they plan to work on before October 28.

According to Infinity Ward, enemy visibility was “something that came up throughout both weekends” of the beta. While there was an improvement between test weekends, it still left much to be desired. Therefore, the developer plans to “tweak increased enemy visibility to allow for better visual tracking of opponents that is not solely the traditional nameplate”.

Similarly, footstep audio was an issue many players brought up during the betas. Again, while the second weekend saw an improvement, there was still “continued feedback on the volume of footsteps”. So, Infinity Ward will continue to “balance enemy and friendly footstep audio ahead of launch”. Hopefully, they can do something about that Dead Silence perk glitch as well.

The post also touched on the topic of disbanding lobbies. Earlier in the week, Infinity Ward tweeted out that they had received the feedback and were working on a way to increase the chance of lobbies staying together. It seems that work will continue as the team feels it is “an important feature” of the game.

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