Monark: First Year Building Rooftop Password Guide

Monark is full of tricky puzzles that require you to gather information and extrapolate from the materials you’ve picked up. The thing is, traversing misty areas of Shin Mikado Academy can get frustrating at the best of times, and doubly so when looking for tiny shining spots in case they’re hints.

One such time may arrive once you reach the roof of the Main Building, early on in the story of Monark. You’re geared up to fight the boss and you’re suddenly and rudely blocked by some kid who wants a password. Well, here’s how to get it.

How To Get The Password On The First Year Building Roof

The key to working out the password lies in two lockers, hidden close by. Beside each locker is a student, obviously tasked with guarding the lockers. They will give you difficult riddles to solve, ones that you might never be able to work out on your own…

Luckily, you have Kokoro with you, and she can solve the riddles in an instant. For easy reference:

  • The code for the locker guarded by Anushka Krishna is 8128.
  • The code for the locker guarded by Rinko Ibayashi is 3097.

Inside these lockers, you’ll receive two Academy Materials: Shining Star of the Soccer Club and a copy of that message with some symbols replacing letters.

You should recognize the symbols in the doctored Material, as they’re the same ones used in the hint to the password needed to progress. The password is thus:

  • Square, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Solid Star, Star Outline, Heart Outline, Solid Heart

Work out the password by comparing the two versions of the Soccer Club article – each symbol replaces a particular letter.

Yes, the password that you had to work through this tedious puzzle for is, indeed, just “Password.” Head to Takashi Yatabe blocking your way and type “Password” into the game when prompted. Yep, it’s that easy. We’re just lucky it wasn’t “Swordfish.”

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