Monster Hunter Rise: Where To Find The Rhenoplos Egg And How To Deliver It

If you’re hoping to enjoy the most powerful and delicious dango before you go into battle in Monster Hunter Rise, then you need to Rhenoplos Egg. The quest “Bunny Dango – With Eggs!” requires hunters to find a Rhenolplos Egg, but doesn’t give any instructions on where to find one, or how to get it, exactly.

If you’re new to MH Rise and haven’t had to tackle a delivery quest in the past, then the whole concept of delivering the Rhenoplos Egg isn’t very obvious and is not clearly tutorialised, so we’ve written a guide here for you to deliver items easily in MH Rise.

Below we’ve broken down exactly how to deliver the Rhenoplos Egg, including its location and the best way to get back to base camp. Just read below and you’ll easily clear the “Bunny Dango – With Eggs!” quest.

Which Stage You Can Find The Rhenoplos Egg In, Monster Hunter World

The Rhenoplos Egg in MHR can exclusively be found in the Sandy Plains. As you can imagine with eggs, you will find them in nests.

This is an underground area of Sandy Plains – not overground – and also a prime location for monsters gathering or passing through. Be careful of monsters large and small while picking the egg up and making your way out.

Which Area The Rhenoplos Egg Is In, Monster Hunter Rise

Specifically, the area the Rhenolplos egg is in is area 11, in an underground area. There are paths out of the tunnels leading to area seven, but if you’re struggling to find your way in you can always drop in from above. Check the map here and go to the red arrow to find the exact location.

How To Deliver The Rhenoplos Egg In Monster Hunter Rise

You have to take the Rhenolplos egg all the way back to your main camp once you’ve collected it – that’s the Southern camp you spawn at, and not any of the sub camps you may have built. This means the camp is a fairly long distance away, but you can cover a lot of ground at once using wirebug manoeuvres. Just make sure not to jump from any cliffs on your way back. Once back at the camp, deliver the Rhenoplos Egg to the Supply Box.

Once again, make sure to double-check our guide to delivering items in MHR so you know everything you need to make delivering the Rhenoplos Egg as easy as possible.

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