Monster Rancher 2: How To Unlock Beaclon

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The most enjoyable feature of Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX is generating monsters from the digital CD database. You never know what you're going to get and the excitement of getting a rare or particularly strong monster is pretty addictive.

However, some monsters can't be generated until you have unlocked them and Beaclons are one of these special monster types. This guide covers how to unlock Beaclons in Monster Rancher 2.

How To Unlock Beaclon In Monster Rancher 2

Before you can even start to unlock Beaclon, you must first unlock Worm — we have a full guide on how to do this here.

Once you have a Worm, your goal is to achieve the following:

  • Worm must be at least four years old but not older than five
  • Worm must have eaten at least 30 Cup Jellies
  • Worm must be Rank C or below
  • Worm must have no stress and no fatigue (Colt will say Worm is "Very well")
  • Worm must have 80+ Loyalty

If you meet all of the above requirements on the fourth week of June, your Worm will cocoon overnight and turn into a Beaclon. If your worm cocoons into another monster, it means that you failed to meet one of the requirements.

Note: You must be on the ranch for the fourth week of June, this means resting or training on the third week. If your monster is injured or on Errantry at this time, you will miss it.

Note: Once you have unlocked Beaclon, you can also generate it from CDs at the Shrine, but it is a very rare result.

How To Meet The Requirements

If you try and just treat your Worm nicely and let it rest all the time, you'll find the Loyalty caps at 50 and your raising style will be "Doting".

We recommend staying in the "Harsh" or "Strict" style, you can ensure this happens by feeding your monster a Smoked Snake whenever your breeding style becomes "Even" or better. It will knock some loyalty points off when used, but it helps, in the long run, to raise your loyalty higher. Stock up when the Item Shop is having a sale.

  • Feed it Cup Jellies every week.
  • Train your Worm on most days. Scold it if it fails or cheats, do not praise it if it does well.
  • Take part in events you know it will win and praise it when it wins, ensuring you don't rank up above Grade C on the Official Cups. Stick to the unofficial ones if you're worried about accidentally ranking up.
  • Let it rest when it is tired to avoid stress.
  • Don't forget to feed it a Smoked Snake if your style dips into "Even".
TIP: As lifespans can vary depending on how you treat your monster, we recommend that as soon as your Worm is four years old and meets the above requirements, take it to the Lab and freeze it. Revive it on the third week of June and then rest into the fourth week to make it Cocoon. This way you will avoid it dying before you reach the fourth week of June.

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