Monster Rancher 2: How To Unlock Joker

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Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX brings two PlayStation classics into one easy to play bundle and updates the old CD function with a new digital CD database. This allows you to search for monsters a lot quicker and easier than before, rather than having to rely on your own personal CD collection.

However, there are some monsters that you'll need to unlock before you are able to generate them in the Shrine. This guide covers how to unlock Joker in Monster Rancher 2.

How To Get The Mask

To get Joker you'll first need to get the Mask secret seasoning item. This special item is found during the Kawrea Volcano Expedition with Dr. Talico and you need to meet a few requirements to unlock it.

  • Monster must have 50+ Fame
  • Monster must be Rank B or above
  • Monster must have 280+ Life
  • You have previously completed the first Kawrea Expedition

If you fulfill all of the above, Dr. Talico will appear in the first week of June and invite you to the Kawrea Volcano Expedition. You must be on the ranch to receive this invitation, so you need to rest or train on the fourth week of May. If your monster is injured or away doing Errantry during this time, then you will have to wait until the following year to get this opportunity again.

Note: We highly recommend saving before this date so you can go reload and retry if you fail.

Expedition Notes:

  • Your monster's "Energy" will deplete as it moves around the map, removes obstacles, or searches different points of interest. If your monster hits -10 Energy Points before reaching camp, it will KO — the Expedition will be a failure and your monster's lifespan will be shortened.
  • The map layout is always the same here, but once you start searching points of interest, it's random which rooms your monster will choose to go in — this is why we recommend saving beforehand. The higher your monster's INT, the better it is at finding items.

You need to head to a specific point of interest to find the Mask.

Directions to the Burned Altar from the entrance are as follows:

  • From the entrance, continue forwards until (X:0, Y:5)
  • Turn right and at (X:2, Y:5) turn left and reveal the hidden path in front of you (requires 600+ INT)
  • Continue forward and turn right at (X:2, Y:13)
  • At (X:4, Y:13), turn left and destroy the obstacle.
  • Continue straight on and destroy the next obstacle
  • Follow the path around and at (X:2, Y:24) take the path to the right.
  • Follow this path around until you reach the burned altar.

Keep sending your monster to search the burned altar until you get the Mask.

This will likely take you multiple attempts and plenty of save reloads, hence why we recommend saving beforehand. Ideally, you want to be able to get the Mask and still have enough energy remaining to make it back to camp without your monster KO'ing. If you get the Mask and your monster KOs, you will still get to keep the item at the end of the expedition regardless. Fortunately, this point of interest is closer to camp than others, so you don't need to save as much energy to return.

Note: You'll need a monster with 400+ INT to discover the hidden path mentioned above and this will be more than enough for your monster to find the mask too. You'll also probably have to reload your save file a few times.

How To Unlock Joker

Once you have the mask, you can head into Town and go to the Lab. Combine any two monsters using the Mask as a secret seasoning ingredient and you will be guaranteed a Joker.

Note: Once you have unlocked Ducken, you can also generate it from CDs at the Shrine. We cover CDs that generate Ducken and its variants here.

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