Monster Rancher 2: How To Unlock Zilla

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Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX allows you to generate and train hundreds of monsters of varying types and sizes. One of the exclusive monsters to Monster Rancher 2 is Zilla, and it's also one of the biggest monsters you can get in the game.

If you're hoping to land this gargantuan whale straight away, you'll be disappointed — you have to unlock it first. Here's how to get Zilla on your ranch.

How To Get The Zilla Beard

To unlock Zilla, you'll first need to get a Zilla Beard. To be able to get this item, you need to meet a few requirements first:

  • You must have already unlocked Undine and Niton
  • You must be 6th Grade Trainer Rank (have beaten S Rank IMa Official Tournament with a monster)
  • You must have upgraded the stable at least once

Once you meet all of the above requirements, you need to get a monster to B Rank or above.

You want to send your monster on Errantry to the Torble Sea. You'll know if you've fulfilled all the requirements or not as you'll get a warning about a "big fishlike monster" if you've done it all correctly.

At the end of successfully completing the Errantry, you have a chance of encountering Zilla King. Beat him to get the Zilla Beard.

Note: We recommend saving before sending your monster on Errantry as it is random whether Zilla King will appear or not and he's difficult to beat. Save beforehand so you can simply reload if you fail.

Zilla King is really strong and can one-shot many monsters, so you'll need a decent monster of your own to topple this giant. If you lose, reload your save and try again.

Afterward, you'll have a short cutscene with Pabs back at the ranch who advises you to take the Zilla Beard to Dadge.

How To Unlock Zilla

Head into Town and go to the Lab. Choose any two monsters to combine and use the Zilla Bear as the secret seasoning ingredient to get a guaranteed Zilla as a result.

Note: Once you have unlocked Zilla, you can also generate it from CDs at the Shrine.

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