Moss Book 2 Arrives On Quest 2 This Summer

Moss: Book 2 is coming soon to a Quest 2 near you. This alliterative declaration comes directly from Moss developer Polyarc, which recently released Moss: Book 2 on the PS VR last month.

Polyarc was only able to give a release window of "this summer," but CEO and co-founder Tam Armstrong did say that it would arrive "in the very near future."

"Releasing a sequel to a game we’ve received such a heartfelt reaction to was not an easy task," said Armstrong. "But we’re deeply proud of this continuation of Quill’s story, and I believe the team has created something special with Moss: Book II. We can’t wait to hear what Quest 2 players think."

The first Moss was released back in 2018 and turned the typical player interaction with an adventure puzzle platformer on its head. Rather than play as the hero, you play as a floating blue presence that helps the heroic mouse on her journey to free the land of Moss from tyranny.

You play as the Reader, while Quill the mouse does most of the heavy lifting in terms of heroics. This puts the player as the Navi to Quill's Link, but that doesn't mean the player takes on a passive presence in the game. You'll still control Quill's actions using the controllers, but you'll have the added benefit of being able to see the entire scene, moving the camera to different angles in order to show Quill items she may have missed.

Quill also takes an active role too, breaking the fourth wall to interact with the player. She'll demand high-fives after defeating difficult monsters and will even communicate clues to solving puzzles using American Sign Language–a returning feature from the first game.

We gave Moss: Book 2 a 4.5 out of five, with Meg calling it "one of the best PSVR games available.” You can wishlist the game now on the Oculus store, and if you haven’t played the original Moss, you can pick it up on sale for just $23.99.

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