MultiVersus Dataminer Finds Aku’s Mountain String, Suggests Samurai Jack

Season 2 of MultiVersus is here and with every new season comes a new update for dataminers to dive into to see if there are any signs of new characters on the horizon. One of the more prolific dataminers out there is LaisulMV, who claims to have found a string of code referencing something called "Aku's Mountain." No, it isn't Crash Bandicoot-related.

Fans of the series won't need reminding, but Aku is the name of the villain in the show Samurai Jack, which means that this string could indicate that MultiVersus is planning to introduce a character from Samurai Jack in the near future. "Aku Mountain" clearly isn't the name of a character, but it could indicate that a stage and character will drop during the same time period, similar to how Cromulons, Rick, and Morty were all added during Season 1.

As for what else LaisulMV has found, they claim to have found another string that references Scooby-Doo, but that could be for a number of different things considering there are several characters and stages already in the game. Scooby-Doo is one of the biggest character requests from MultiVersus fans, but this string doesn't really confirm he's going to be added.

Another string referencing The Goonies was also found, strengthing rumors that characters from the movie may be added at some point down the line. MultiVersus will also apparently have a Winter event later this year, but we don't quite know the full details about that at the moment. It's possible that it could involve another currency and special skins like the recent Halloween event, although that's just speculation at the moment.

LaisulMV has also uncovered a large amount of text describing Marvin the Martian's moveset, a character which was recently confirmed to be coming at some point in Season 2, although a release date hasn't been announced just yet. From the descriptions, Marvin's moveset seems to be very projectile based suggesting he could be a Mage, although Morty is apparently a Bruiser despite also using a lot of projectiles. Who knows, MultiVersus classes are a mess.

A Game of Thrones string was also found during this most recent datamine, something else which was recently confirmed in a press release. A Game of Thrones stage was announced at the start of Season 2 for release further down the line, although LaisulMV managed to find an image. The stage contains the Iron Throne, and the press release explains that "Westeros-based hazards" will enter and damage players.

That's pretty much everything officially announced and found during datamines now that Season 2 has kicked off. There's a new Battle Pass to get stuck into with plenty of new skins for different characters, so get out there and show MultiVersus what you got.

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