MultiVersus Director Addresses Buggy Start To Season 1

The start of the first official season of MultiVersus has been an overall success for developer Player First Games, but a series of new bugs that have cropped up since Season 1 began have been frustrating players.

In an attempt to explain just why the start of Season 1 has been so buggy for some, MultiVersus director Tony Huynh has explained what happened in a tweet thread via his personal Twitter account. According to Huynh, a lot of the bugs are because some "work-in-progress work slipped into the build," causing issues for certain characters like Wonder Woman, whose hitbox is now bugged and is now taking damage whenever she attacks.

Huynh explains that some of the hitbox/hurtbox changes being worked on – that Player First announced were coming earlier this month – accidentlly slipped into the game, leading to the aformentioned Wonder Woman issues. Batman's Batarang has also been affected by this mistake, as has Arya's up special. Another system that also apparently slipped in is a previously unannounced change to combo loops, which will explain for some of you why certain endless combos have stopped working like they used to.

You may have to get used to this change though, as Huynh explains that while he wants players to feel rewarded for long combos, he also intends to remove 0 – death situations from the game entirely to allow "every player to feel as though they have agency while playing." We weren't given a date for when these issues will be fixed, but a patch is coming and will likely be released pretty soon.

As for what we have to look forward to, Season 1 will bring with it a host of new characters to play as. Morty will be released on August 23 with Rick coming to the roster at a later date. It was also announced yesterday that Black Adam and Stripe will be joining the fight at some point during Season 1 as well.

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