MultiVersus Is Adding A Dwayne Johnson Black Adam Skin

MultiVersus' Winter update is adding a Legendary skin for Black Adam that's based on Dwayne Johnson's version of the character, complete with a different voice.

Despite the obvious opportunity for corporate synergy considering the timing of his release, the Black Adam that's featured in MultiVersus is based on the comic book version of the character rather than the Dwayne Johnson version. That, combined with a few references to the movie, has made it feel inevitable that a skin of The Rock's take on the character would come at some point and, thanks to the Winter update, that's now about to happen.

The skin was revealed in the patch notes for the upcoming Winter update, alongside some winter versions of the rest of the cast. The notes reveal that the skin is a Legendary variant that costs 2,000 Gleamium and that it's titled The Man In Black. There's no in-game footage of The Man In Black skin yet, but we can see from the image in the patch notes that he mostly resembles Dwayne Johnson's take on the character, with a slightly more cartoonish face.

Interestingly, one thing that's not mentioned in the patch notes is that The Man In Black will apparently have a different voice actor than the regular Black Adam, although it won't be Dwayne Johnson himself. Reliable MultiVersus leaker LaisulMV tweeted, "The Rock variant/skin in MultiVersus will not be voiced by The Rock himself, rather an impersonator". It's not clear why this wasn't revealed in the patch notes themselves, but it does explain why this variant of Black Adam costs so much Gleamium.

Although it's a shame that The Rock won't be voicing his version of the character, it's not too much of a surprise considering we've seen MultiVersus use impersonates for famous people before. LeBron James, who was clearly put in the game to have some kind of promotion with Space Jam 2: A New Legacy, isn't actually voiced by LeBron and is instead played by John Eric Bentley.

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