MultiVersus Needs To Get Rid Of Classes

Unless you’ve made MultiVersus your obsession over the past few months (if you have, I’ve probably seen you around the ol’ Sky Arena) you might not even realise that the game has a distinct class system, splitting the characters up depending on their abilities. There’s the hard-hitting Bruisers like Batman, the projectile-focused Mages like Bugs Bunny, the close-range speedster Assassins like Arya, and the uh, supporting Supports like Steven Universe.

On paper, this system makes sense, especially considering MultiVersus’ love of status effects and generally being a bit more data-driven than other platform fighters. That being said, there have been so many issues with the class system since launch that it feels like the mechanic is just weighing the game down.

Frankly, MultiVersus’ classes are just pointless, poorly explained, and yet another hat on a hat for the game. One of my issues with MultiVersus is that it can feel like it constantly has too much going on. Cooldowns, status effects, and several other factors are yet more hats. The class system just adds more confusion than is needed for a platform fighter that’s already more complicated than the rest.

The placement of characters also doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Sure, on paper Steven Universe makes sense as a Support class, considering his character and the fact that he can shield opponents, but he’s also got moves that hit harder than any of the Bruisers. Speaking of Bruisers, why is Batman put into that class if he’s faster than any of the Assassins?

The same can be said for Reindog, another Support class, who has one supporting move and a ton of heavy-hitting melee attacks and projectiles. It doesn’t make sense. It’s a credit to the characters that they’re all so multi-layered, but classes add nothing.

Don’t even get me started on Assassins, who were severely hampered by a random 14 percent damage increase until a few weeks ago, which was reduced and then later removed after a ton of complaints. This was the first big sign that the classes weren’t really doing the game any favours.

The recent addition of Morty brought to light how pointless the whole class system is. Upon release, the squeakiest member of the Smith family was proudly displayed as a Brawler, thanks to his ground combo with Armothy, despite the fact almost all of his moves put him more in line with the Mage class. The boy has more cooldowns than Bugs, of course he’s a Mage.

This was something that even MultiVersus’ director Tony Huynh highlighted, admitting that he himself thought Morty leaned more into Mage than he does Bruiser. Nothing has been done about it just yet and Morty remains confusingly among the likes of Batman and Shaggy, but it’s clear that it wasn’t very well thought-out.

If Morty, of all characters, gave the team trouble in deciding where to place him within the classes, then it’s likely only going to get more complicated as weirder characters release and the roster gets bigger. Will we see another class entirely? Will characters start being split between a few?

A rework seems likely at some point, but the easiest and best solution is to get rid of the classes entirely. It may seem helpful to give players a little hint at how to play a character, but when that puts more work on the developers and causes nothing but confusion, it makes more sense to leave it at the door going forward. Or I don’t know, make Joker a Tank and really mess with everyone.

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