MultiVersus Players Are Happy With The FestiVersus Event Thanks To Its Daily Rewards

MultiVersus players seem to be pretty happy with the daily rewards that are offered with the upcoming FestiVersus holiday event, especially in comparison to the Halloween event.

Earlier today, Player First Games shared the patch notes for MultiVersus' upcoming update, pulling back the curtain on its plans for the game's winter event – FestiVersus. This timed event works similarly to the Halloween one that we had a few months ago, but with some much-needed changes.

Most notable is the fact that players are now given a decent amount of Christmas Cookies (this event's currency) just for logging in every day, something that the Halloween event completely lacked. The total amount you can earn from just logging in gets you a fair amount closer to the 12,000 needed to unlock the ugly sweater Superman skin, and there's even a free skin to earn along the way just from doing that. It's another Reindog one, but still.

Couple that with the ugly sweater skins generally being a bit more interesting and themed, and the MultiVersus Winter event is already looking like a big improvement over the last, something that's been noted by the community already. Redditor Fabulous_Mud_alt3 shared an image of the Christmas Cookie calendar along with two challenges that also earn the currency, saying "They fixed their events".

This was then met by other MultiVersus players praising the Winter event, mostly because of the daily rewards it now offers. One Redditor called it a "step in the right direction", while another said that the event's daily offers were "very generous". We'll just have to hope MultiVersus can keep this momentum up into the actual event itself.

The reason why this Winter event has been so fondly received is because of how notoriously grindy the Halloween event was. The big prize for that event was worth 12,000 Candy Corn, same as the Superman Christmas skin, but that all had to be earned through winning battles, with no other way to earn it.

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