MultiVersus Players Think Marvin The Martian Could Release This Tuesday

MultiVersus may still have its fair share of problems, but what it can't be criticised for is its consistency. Throughout Season 1, developer Player First games released a steady stream of new characters for players to try out and to keep the game alive. We're now currently in Season 2, but the game seems like it will keep its reliable track record of character additions as players believe Marvin the Martian could arrive as early as next Tuesday.

On the arrival of Season 2, it was announced that long-rumored character Marvin the Martian will be added at some point in the near future. Since then, a series of tweets from the official MultiVersus account and game director Tony Huynh has players thinking a release date announcement could be imminent.

Our biggest indicator is a new tweet from the official MultiVersus Twitter account, which includes a short video of a flag being planted on Earth. The account has posted similar teaser videos in the past for prior characters like Stripe and Rick (pointed out by MultiVersus dataminer LaisulMV), both of which released the following Tuesday. It's not confirmation, but evidence that MultiVersus is trying to drum up hype for Marvin's release.

MultiVersus director Tony Huynh also recently stated that a Reindog bug fix will be included in the "Marvin patch," which would be a little odd to bring up at all if the fix wasn't coming pretty soon. Another tweet from the official MultiVersus account also revealed that Marvin will be an Assassin, so combining all of these factors with the game's fairly reliable Tuesday release for previous characters, and you can only really arrive at one outcome.

This isn't confirmation obviously, but if MultiVersus is planning a Marvin release for next Tuesday, we'll likely see other posts like TikTok teases or a character card reveal in the coming days.

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