MultiVersus Will Add More Unique Interactions Between Fighters "Over Time"

A writer who works on MultiVersus has revealed that the team at Player First Games intends to add more unique interactions between fighters "over time", likening it to getting voice actors back for new episodes of an animated show.

One of the best aspects of MultiVersus is seeing all the Warner Bros. characters interacting with one another before, during, and after a fight. Some of them can be pretty wholesome, like LeBron asking Steven if he can be a crystal gym, while some lean into memes and make some surprisingly dark jokes. Who knew Marvin the Martian did drugs?

As great as those interactions are, one complaint that some players have had is that most characters tend to only interact with a few others on the roster, instead of everyone having something to say to everyone. It's understandable considering the size of the roster, but it looks like more interactions and voice lines are going to be added in the future.

Eric Stirpē, who works as a writer on MultiVersus, shared the details of the work that goes into the voice lines for each new MultiVersus character. Stirpē was then asked by a Twitter user why some characters only have a few characters on the roster that they interact with. In response, Stirpē said, "Every character starts with 3-4 other characters that they interact with, and then we try to add more over time".

When asked if that would be difficult considering some of the characters on the roster have quite well-known voice actors, Stirpē said, "Sure some actors are tougher to get back than others, but it’s not that different from, say, an animated series needing to get their actors scheduled for a new episode".

It's interesting to note that work on voice lines and character interactions still gets considered even after a character has been released, but it's not the first time that we've heard something like this. MultiVersus director Tony Huynh responded to criticisms that Rick and Morty didn't have any unique voice lines of their own by saying "we're taking notes", implying that it was going to be worked on in the future.

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