My Fantastic Ranch: Guide To Festivals

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While it's important to train your students and make them win multiple tournaments in My Fantastic Ranch, it's equally important to host different festivals for the King and the Queen to let the world know about your ranch. Festivals are an integral part of the game because they also unlock new areas.

In the game, you're left to manage your own ranch after getting a few tips on how to get staff members, creatures, and students from Feritella. It lets players have an immersive experience at their own pace since you can also fast-forward or pause the time whenever it's needed.

How To Unlock Festivals

At the beginning of the game, Feritella will ask you to grow your ranch before you can make a name for it. Festivals and tournaments are the two ways for making a name for yourself, and both of them are unlocked at different Reputation levels. To unlock the Festivals, you need to reach Reputation level five.

Here are a few tips to get a lot of Reputation and increase your level quickly:

  • The duo you select during a certain lesson has an impact on both your gem and Reputation output. Try to go for Super Duo or Perfect Duo when you can.
  • There are some main and optional objectives displayed at the bottom left of your screen. These objectives are the main source for Reputation, so keep finishing them as soon as you can. The optional objectives are time-limited and you'll need to be ready for them.
  • Sometimes, a creature can get a star-shaped badge that lets you get more Reputation from different lessons, tournaments, and festivals. Use these creatures when you're trying to get a Reputation boost.

Once you've reached the required Reputation level, Feritella will come over to tell you that the royalty is interested in your ranch. At this point, you can build a Festival Arena from the Fields section in the Builds tab. This arena takes up a lot of space, but it's the key to getting more space as well.

How To Start A Festival

Your main job starts after you've built a Festival Arena since you have to manage an entire Festival yourself. Click on the Arena and you'll be able to select the Simple Festival. This requires an investment of 2,000 gems, which is quite risky since you'll get lesser gems in return if you don't perform well.

Just like every other building, you can upgrade Festival Arena once at levels four and nine each. These will unlock Challenging and Strict Festivals requiring an investment of 3,000 and 6,000 respectively. You can host as many festivals of a certain type as you want.

Once you select the Festival that you want to host, an Enthusiasm bar will appear at the bottom and the King and the Queen will arrive. You have to bring this bar up at least halfway within the given time limit to start the Carousel, the main attraction of the Festival.

You can gain progress for the Enthusiasm bar once you finish a lesson. If you're going for Challenging or Strict Festivals, you'll get more time but a harder Enthusiasm bar. You'll need multiple lesson arenas at the same time to meet the requirement of these festivals.

After getting over half of the Enthusiasm bar, you can click on the Festival Arena again to start the Carousel. On this screen, you can select up to four student and creature duos who will perform in front of royalty to impress them. The outcome of the festivals depends on the duos you select.

Tips To Make A Festival Successful

While the process of hosting a festival seems easy on paper, it can be quite challenging when you host it for the first time. From raising the Enthusiasm bar to meeting the Carousel requirements, here are a few tips to help you out:

  • If you're going for a Festival with higher difficulty, you can start all the possible lessons and then start the Festival when they're about to end. You can get progress for the Enthusiasm bar when the lessons end, so you can get a lot of bar progress easily with this method.
  • When you're selecting the duos for the Carousel, make sure you pay attention to the request made by the King and the Queen. They'll ask for one to three specific types of creatures depending on the difficulty of your festival. This will be the main thing to impress them.
  • It's important to select the students and creatures with the best possible mood during the Carousel. It's recommended to not select any angry creature since that increases the chances of silly behavior a lot. There are extra points for having a Carousel without silly behavior.
  • On the right side of your screen while you're selecting the duos, you'll be able to see the type of lesson they'll be performing. Students and creatures can get badges for these lessons, and you need to try and pair them together for better results.

At the end of the day, you're still going to get something in return from the royal couple, but you need to perform well if you want to make your investment worth it. New areas also unlock if you get good grades on the Simple and Challenging Festival when you have the main objective to do so.

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